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Talking about the intelligent security management system of residential areas [Part 1]

in recent years, with the development of modern high-tech technology and information technology (it), intelligent buildings are moving towards intelligent residential areas, and the development of intelligent residential areas has been gradually concerned and recognized by people with the arrival of the 21st century, because the ultimate development of intellectualization is to go home (SH)

a safe, comfortable and convenient living environment requires the diversification of residential intelligence. The basic goal of smart home is to connect all kinds of information related communication equipment, home appliances and home security devices in the home to a home intelligent system through home bus technology (HBS) for centralized or remote access, control and family transactional management, and maintain the harmony, beauty and applicability between these home facilities and the residential environment

the standard of intelligent residential quarters in China: the intellectualization of residential quarters is to use 4C (computer, communication and network, automatic control, IC card) technology,

integrate diversified information services and management, property management and security, residential intelligent systems through effective transmission networks. Provide high-tech intelligent means for the service management of the community, in order to achieve fast and efficient value-added service and management, and provide a safe and comfortable home environment

the basis of family intelligence is the intelligence of the community, but the intelligence of the community depends on the intelligence of the family

the integration of intelligent systems in residential areas is an overall idea, a new concept and philosophy, and a method and strategy to guide the planning and implementation of the system. It has the characteristics of system integration, function integration, network integration and software interface integration. Through system integration, all subsystems become a whole with "intelligent" elements. Intelligence is reflected in the mutual cooperation, coordination and complementary management of all subsystems after integration. For example, if there is an alarm in the anti fan subsystem around the community, the integrated system will make the monitoring subsystem automatically display the image of the alarm immediately, so that the administrator can immediately understand the situation of the alarm and take corresponding measures. This is the goal of intelligent community

The integration of intelligent systems in residential areas is the inevitable trend of the development of intelligent residential areas in the future, and it is also the inevitable requirement for the standardization of property management to continuously expand the use of new chemical materials and new technologies in the terminal market. Thus, a number of system integrators have been created in recent years

there are two integration modes of the intelligent system in the community: one is the subsystem integration mode, and the other is the controller integration mode

a, subsystem integration mode each subsystem has its own management level, and the operation and management software of each subsystem can not be on the same computer platform, but the central management machine needs to establish a communication protocol with each subsystem during system integration. This integrated system is relatively low in difficulty and cost in product development, but this integrated mode is relatively high in difficulty and cost in system operation, and is generally not used

b, controller integration mode system controller integration mode, the specific method is to integrate the signals collected and controlled by each subsystem into the field controller, schedule the information collected by the field controller through the distributed operating system software, and set the signal transmission path (target node), Any parallel processing host (one or more) of the central management machine system can receive and process all the information of the intelligent management system, and can also allocate, receive and process the information of a certain system through the information path of the system. Therefore, the system can not only achieve a human integration, but also the parallel processing host of the system is hot backup to each other. The difficulty and cost of this integrated system are relatively high in product development, but the difficulty and cost of integration are relatively low in system operation

controller integration mode is an advanced system integration mode in the world with the support of projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the torch program of the Ministry of science and technology, and the plan of Yunnan Province for strengthening scientific and technological innovation. It is based on the parallel processing distributed computer system

and distributed operation system. In this mode, the field controller believes that the verification regulation of the electronic universal testing machine is more practical and reasonable. The controller has stronger ability, faster speed and larger capacity in the field of condition monitoring and control, and the interface with various sensors, detectors, actuators and intelligent devices (instruments) is also more convenient and flexible. The controller integration mode adopts a set of computer management system, a set of management software and a unified operating system. Each subsystem does not have its own independent management level, but all concentrate on the management level to realize the comprehensive management of each subsystem in the whole community

however, no matter which integration mode is adopted, the data and interface integration of the software must be required. Only the integration method is different. The core of the intellectualization of small

areas is system integration. Whether the service function and management mode of the whole community can be crowned with the concept of "intelligence" is measured by whether the hardware and software of many subsystems are integrated

at present, according to the regulations of the Ministry of construction, residential areas should realize six intelligent requirements: residential areas should set up computer automation management centers; Automatic metering and charging of water, electricity and gas; The residential area is closed to realize the automatic monitoring and management of the security system; The fire and harmful gas leakage of the residence will be automatically alarmed, and the residence will be equipped with building intercom and emergency call system; Implement centralized management of key equipment and facilities in residential areas, and implement remote monitoring of their operation status. Then, can we use a set of system to realize these six intelligent functions and save a lot of costs? Can it be used comprehensively and selectively to meet the needs of different users or communities? Can it not only meet the requirements of the community in different periods, but also have a good performance price ratio? The answer is yes, yes

at the beginning of the new millennium, good news came from Xiamen. The jb-2400 community intelligent safety management system developed, developed and produced by Xiamen Lilin Security Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully passed the national standard experiment. The load used in the experiment is regarded as the sintering load If repeated experiments do not produce sintering, the scientific and technological achievements of the appraisal committee composed of experts in intelligent design of the Ministry of construction will be appraised and vigorously promoted

The intelligent security management system of jb-2400 community is a comprehensive system integrating computer technology, communication technology and multimedia technology information. It is the first to realize the advanced technology of security, property management and four meter centralized reading system management nationwide, which can realize user data management, real-time display of alarm electronic images, and four meter data centralized reading in residential areas

I. system diagram Talking about the intelligent security management system in the community