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Talking about the equipment and technology of steel barrel silk printing (I)

the application of silk printing in China's steel barrel packaging industry has just begun, and it has made a qualitative leap compared with the old process of plate engraving and printing. It not only has beautiful patterns, but also has large information capacity, high production efficiency, low environmental pollution and low labor intensity. Therefore, the application of silk printing technology in the barrel industry is booming and developing rapidly. However, due to the immature technology, process and equipment, some manufacturers rely on the assistance of local printing enterprises. Most of them carry out exploratory experiments and self-made equipment. Most of them are not professional enough, and the equipment efficiency is not high or the quality is difficult to guarantee. They are not suitable for the mass production of steel drum enterprises, and most of them are still manual operations. Therefore, the application of silk printing technology in steel capture industry still needs to be systematically explored to achieve high efficiency, high quality and no pollution

types of steel barrel wire printing equipment

steel barrel wire printing equipment has various shapes, but most of the printing is on the top plane of the barrel and the surface of the barrel body. Therefore, according to the surface shape of the steel barrel, it can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic printing machines

I. the flat wire on the top of the barrel was widely and openly solicited opinions from the society before March 2. The printing machine

flat steel barrel printing machine is used to print on the top plane of the barrel or the side of the barrel body of the short steel barrel, so most of the plates are flat, and the printing table is also flat. Flat screen printing machine is a more advanced one, which is being widely used, and has developed a variety of flat screen printing machines. The flat screen printing machine can be placed at the end of the production line, and the steel barrel is transmitted on the intermittent conveyor to supply the barrel for the printing machine, with high production efficiency

(1) flat platform uncovering type flat screen printing machine. This kind of silk printing machine is the main type of plane silk printing machine. On one side of the flat screen printing plate, a hinge type flat screen printing machine is used. When printing, put down the screen printing plate, parallel to the printing table, and then the scraper makes a horizontal scraping and pressing movement on the printing plate to print. After printing, lift up the silk plate and take out the steel barrel

there are two types of silk printing machines, manual and semi-automatic. The manual type has simple structure and convenient maintenance. The machine does not respond after the experimental machine points up (or down): low price, wide adaptability, but low printing accuracy, high requirements for the operator's technical level, low printing efficiency, suitable for small batch steel barrel printing. The semi-automatic silk printing machine has the advantages of fast printing speed, scraper pressure, technology research and development of printing selection stroke, and greatly improved design ability. It is easy to adjust, has good stability, and has better printing quality than the manual silk printing machine. Its printing platform can generally be made of stainless steel

(2) platform lithographic plate horizontal lift flat wire printing machine. In the process of printing, the screen printing plate moves up and down in a horizontal state. When this kind of screen printing machine is printing, the firmness of the printing plate does not move, the printing workbench moves up and down in a horizontal state, and the scraper moves horizontally. This machine has the advantages of stable operation and accurate overprint

in addition to the above two kinds of plane printing machines, there is also a flat platform horizontal mobile plane wire printing machine. The inclined horizontal silk printing machine of the printing table, the fan-shaped open close silk printing machine of the printing table, and the rotary silk printing machine of the printing table can be used on different production lines

II. Barrel body curved wire printing machine

(1) type and structure of curved surface printing machine. According to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic curved wire printing machines and automatic curved wire printing machines; According to the shape of the screen printing plate, there are dry curved surface silk printing machine and circular curved surface silk printing machine

the printing plate of the flat curved wire printing machine is planar. The shape and size of the support device of the steel barrel can be changed by changing the accessories according to the curvature and shape surface of the steel barrel. The steel barrel of this printing machine can be operated manually or mechanically

the circular curved surface silk printing machine is generally multi-color printing, its printing plate is cylindrical, the scraper is installed in the cylindrical printing plate, and the printing workbench is multi-component curved surface printing. This printing machine is widely used abroad and has not been used in China at present

(2) key operating points of barrel surface printing. In order to ensure the smooth printing of the barrel surface, the following three requirements must be observed:

1. The center line of the scraper must pass through the normal of the barrel surface

2. The steel barrel must be a regular cylinder or cone and other rotating bodies

3. The steel barrel can rotate, and the printing plate must be able to move

during printing operation, attention should be paid to: the plate frame should be at a constant speed, and the pressure of the scraper should be kept unchanged. During the printing process, the steel barrel cannot be loosened in front, back, left, right, and keep the steel barrel rotating at a uniform speed. In order to make the color of the printing surface to avoid rust and bright, there must be a certain gap between the printing plate and the barrel surface, and the steel barrel must be easy to print and take away. In general, it is more difficult to press out ink in curved surface printing than in plane printing

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