Talking about the fire safety of conical tank farm

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Talk about the fire safety of conical tank farm

recently, it can be seen from various media reports that major fire accidents have occurred frequently, causing great losses to the lives and property of the country and people. This time, the lesson of blood has further sounded the alarm for the safety work of our enterprise

now most of our beer production enterprises have widely used vertical conical fermentation tanks. The characteristics of the conical fermentation tank area are that the large tanks are densely arranged, the distance between tanks is narrow, there are many communication lines, and various production pipelines are crisscross. Rigid polyurethane foam is widely used as thermal insulation material outside the conical fermentation tank. As we all know, rigid polyurethane foam is a highly flammable combustible material, which poses a great fire hazard for the fire safety of the tank group. Enterprises must enhance the awareness of preventing major fires! Due to the perennial use of the ice water ribbon of the conical tank and the corrosion of several advanced technologies and production processes in a certain field, some leakage points will appear, resulting in the loss of ice water, which will cause great waste to the enterprise. It is necessary to check the leakage points and overhaul the tank in time. At this time, the fire safety work is even more important

the conical fermentation tank is generally more than 10 meters high. It is difficult to spray water to the top of the tank by using the water pressure in the fire hydrant standing on the ground, so it is extremely necessary to establish two sets of fire-fighting systems on the platform of the conical tank group and the platform of the tank top! Next, let's talk about the establishment of the "double prevention" fire protection system in the high-pressure steam sterilizer and the measures taken:

first, "first prevention": set up a special fire hydrant with normal pressure and hang a special fire box around the conical tank group platform and the tank farm road, and the fire box is equipped with a water gun, hose, special wrench, etc

set up special pipelines for fire water on the platform of the tank group. The water of the fire pipeline should be connected with the fire water of the plant to form a fire-fighting system with stable water pressure

second, "second prevention": a multi-point fire-fighting pipeline interface with decentralized layout is set up on the top platform of the fermentation tank group, and a set of special pipelines are erected as a standby fire-fighting system by using the power system of the conical tank CIP pump in the brewing workshop

the unstable water pressure of the fire-fighting system in the plant will have a great negative impact on the fire-fighting capacity, especially in the summer water shortage season. The fermentation workshop can use the power of CIP cleaning system to send water to the platform on the top of the tank in the form of high pressure, which can ensure the timely provision of sufficient water and high water pressure in response to sudden fire events

⑴ the design diagram of the fire pipeline system of the conical tank group is as follows:

⑵ all the special fire pipelines in the tank group area should be painted with eye-catching colors and hung with signs, so that people can quickly distinguish and identify with the production pipelines

⑶ pay attention to the anti freezing work of fire pipelines in winter

III. improve the fire safety awareness of all employees of the enterprise

the enterprise should regularly organize all personnel to actively do a good job in fire safety knowledge training, so that employees can master sufficient fire-fighting knowledge, learn how to fight fire skills, learn how to dial fire alarm "119", and master the correct use of various fire-fighting equipment. The brewing workshop and team should enable employees to learn to identify the fire pipeline, understand the configuration of the fire pipeline system in the fermentation tank farm, and operate the fire system equipment, so that in case of a sudden fire in the tank farm, they can use the relevant equipment in an orderly manner, correctly guide foreign firefighters to find and use the plant fire system, strive to eliminate the fire in the initial stage in a shorter time, and minimize the economic losses of the enterprise

IV. due to the leakage of the ice water coil of the tank every year, it needs to be repaired in time. At this stage, it is particularly important to strengthen the safety awareness of our maintenance personnel or foreign construction personnel and strengthen safety management

⑴ the construction unit must sign a safety certificate with the enterprise security inspection department to strengthen the safety prevention awareness of the construction unit and improve its working spirit. The enterprise security inspection personnel shall increase the daily inspection frequency of the construction site, and take measures in time to eliminate the unsafe hidden dangers and ensure the smooth progress of the maintenance work when finding the unsafe hidden dangers

⑵ during the construction process, the construction personnel must carry and equip simple fire-fighting equipment on the construction site, and connect the fire hose reel to the fire hydrant nearest to the construction location for standby

⑶ after cleaning out the welding position of the leakage point of the tape, the personnel in charge of special supervision below shall remove the fallen insulation materials from the construction site in time, otherwise the accuracy of the experimental results will be affected, so as to prevent the sparks falling during the welding process from igniting the removed insulation materials

⑷ during the maintenance process, the construction personnel must strictly prohibit smoking and prevent kindling from being brought into the maintenance construction site

v. after the physical examination and repair of the conical tank, flame retardant must be added to the rigid polyurethane foam used to repair the thermal insulation material of the tank to improve the flame retardant performance of the rigid polyurethane foam

VI. special emphasis: specifications and models of fire pipe interface components on the top platform of conical tank group and the platform of tank group

enterprises must strictly prohibit the use of special-shaped interface components, and must strictly use the interface components with unified specifications and models mandated by the state. This generally requires that the brightness change should not exceed 1.5 when it can be used in an emergency, which is convenient for rapid disassembly, assembly, docking, etc

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