Talking about the four key technologies of flexibl

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Talking about the four key technologies of flexibility into reality

at the concluded 2013ces exhibition, Samsung's flexible screen products earned the attention of the people present. Then Corning also launched its own flexible glass willowglass, which is likely to be used in intelligence in the future. The technology that can handle 30million pounds of material per year on the flexible side has been studied and is becoming more and more mature. Now let's summarize the development status of flexible technology in screens, mainboards, batteries and shells every five or six years, and see how far is flexibility from us

1. Flexible screen

Samsung displayed the flexible screen you at this year's CES exhibition and made a cleaning explanation: the bursting level of the cardboard of the bursting tester is small, and the breaking point ratio set inside the system of the ordinary bursting tester is larger m when it leaves the factory, and jointly exhibited a windowsphone with youm screen. However, Samsung is not the only manufacturer committed to developing flexible screen. We have a detailed understanding of the following materials, including LG, Philips, sharp, Sony and Nokia, which are all developing flexible screen technology. It is also reported that LG's e-ink flexible screen has begun mass production

2. Flexible motherboard

in 2011, Queen's University of Canada released a concept device called paperphone (paper), which makes the combination of flexible display and flexible motherboard a reality. This is displayed by a 9.5cm flexible electronic ink screen, and the motherboard printed on the flexible circuit board can also withstand folding

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