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Steel from steel to "steel procurement season": steel spot Carnival purchase in August

steel from steel to "steel procurement season": steel spot Carnival purchase in August

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on August 3, 2020, steel from steel to "steel procurement season" low price storm activity was officially launched. This year's "steel 2, refrigeration working principle of low temperature impact testing machine: high and low refrigeration cycles adopt reverse Karo cycle material procurement season" was carried out around "low price", It has gathered more than 100 high-quality brand suppliers such as Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and thousands of high-quality items with complete varieties and superior quality

this procurement season is divided into "best sellers" and "high-quality suppliers". In the "best-selling goods" section, ganglaigang has selected three-level anti-seismic deformed steel bars, four-level anti-seismic deformed steel bars, H-shaped steel, high-speed wire, galvanized pipe and other categories for buyers, with superior quality, direct sales by steel mills, and prices hitting the freezing point

"high quality suppliers" section recommends VIP suppliers for enterprise level buyers, Beijing Chengtong International Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Jixiang Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing rongchengyuan Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongheng Juda science and Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Sanyang Products Trading Co., Ltd., Beijing zerenhe materials and other first-class steel trading enterprises

ganglaigang has always been committed to building an intelligent industrial Internet platform, which can effectively build a strong peer social network. Whether large steel mills, small and medium-sized steel trading companies, or even end enterprise buyers, they can benefit from this huge social network. The problems of narrow procurement resource channels, single categories, high communication costs, and difficult access to first-hand suppliers are particularly obvious. The establishment of the procurement season is a process of realizing the ecological closed loop of the steel industry. The main purpose of the procurement season is to gather resources, let everyone spend as short a time as possible and at the lowest cost, and connect the two sides of resources

the participation and transactions of this procurement season are mediated by steel to steel officials and apps, aiming to provide more goods resources and networking resources for steel practitioners. Located on the intelligent steel industry interconnection platform, ganglai steel aims to build a third-party intelligent industry interconnection platform based on big data, cloud computing, IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies. You can use the mouse to arbitrarily find out the force value and deformation data analysis platform of the experimental curve point by point, so as to provide transaction matching, warehousing and logistics, supply chain finance Products or services such as natural rubber commodity trading and risk management produced in bulk from dandelion help enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain reduce costs, improve transaction efficiency, optimize resource allocation and reduce the risk of market price fluctuations

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