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Steel traders refused to be "the man who took over the plate". The downstream demand overdraw the steel price and began to "reduce the fever"

on December 6, the domestic steel market fluctuated and adjusted, and the high steel prices in many places fell back. Among the 25 major cities, the price of rebar in 11 cities including Shanghai, Jinan, Tianjin and Xi'an fell by yuan/ton; The price of hot coil in 16 cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Chongqing fell by yuan/ton

on the 6th, the ex factory price of Tangshan ordinary square billet including tax fell by 40 to 3930 yuan/ton. On the same day, the price of finished products in the downstream of Tangshan fell slightly: Tangshan small narrow-band fell, and mainstream manufacturers reported; Tangshan section steel I-shaped channel steel drop, now the mainstream quotation I-shaped, channel steel, angle steel 4390; Thread: large, small 4640, drop

6, black futures fell across the board. Today, the main contract of thread in the previous period closed at the negative line, barely standing above Ma5. The red column of MACD index on the daily chart narrowed, and dief and DEA ran upward. RSI index three lines are located, and the thread is running between the rails on the brin belt. The overall technical index of thread is still strong, but it is recommended that the prudent reduce their positions to 30% or less, and strictly set a stop loss of 2%

on the 6th, five domestic construction steel production enterprises raised the ex factory price by yuan/ton

steel spot market

construction steel: on December 6, the average price of HRB400 (20mm) deformed steel bars in 25 major cities across the country was 4888 yuan/ton, down 10 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Recently, due to the continuous sharp rise in prices, the willingness of downstream procurement has been significantly weakened, and some customers have a low willingness to accept it. At the same time, the market has been adjusted at a high level in the past two days, the market wait-and-see atmosphere is gradually rising, and high-level resources have been loosened and adjusted. At present, the follow-up of high demand is insufficient, and some businesses have profit taking. It is expected that the domestic construction steel price will continue to fluctuate and decline tomorrow

hot rolled coil: on December 6, the price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 markets nationwide was reported at 4426 yuan/ton, down 22 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Today, the futures market fell sharply, market confidence was frustrated, and merchants' quotations gradually fell. However, at present, there are relatively few inventory resources in the market, coupled with the high order price of steel mills, which has a certain support for the market price. It is expected that the hot rolling market price will fluctuate and decline tomorrow

cold rolled sheet and coil: on December 6, 24 major cities across the country set up a "recycled plastic zone" in the raw material exhibition area for 1.0mm cold rolled sheet, with an average price of 4991 yuan/ton, up 2 yuan/ton from the previous transaction price. Today's high-level transactions in the market are obviously weak, and some steel mills' guiding prices have increased instead of falling. It is reported that the steel mills' move is mainly to support prices and stabilize market sentiment, indirectly reflecting the steel mills' confidence in the high-level market. It is expected that the cold rolling price will fluctuate and adjust tomorrow

medium and heavy plate: on December 6, the average price of medium and heavy plate in 24 major cities across the country was 4405 yuan/ton, down 6 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. In the case of the correction of the futures trend, the market temporarily stopped blindly following the rise, and coupled with the poor performance of spot transactions, most businesses have strengthened their willingness to quickly ship and cash out. It is expected that the domestic medium and heavy plate market price may fluctuate downward tomorrow

raw material spot market

imported ore: on December 6, 61.5% Australian fine ore in Jingtang Port was reported at 535 yuan/ton, down 5 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. The steel market began to cool down, and the purchasing sentiment of steel mills slowed down, mostly on the sidelines. At the same time, overseas mine shipments rebounded, and the mine price is expected to be weak and volatile

coke: on the 6th, the price of domestic coke market was stable, medium and strong. Guizhou Liupan Shuijiao will be increased by 100 yuan/ton, Henan Jiyuan will be increased by 100 yuan/ton, and the purchase price of northeast Fushun Steel plant will be increased by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream of secondary metallurgical coke in Shanxi coke market is reported as yuan/ton; The ex factory tax of secondary metallurgical coke in Handan, Hebei Province is 1760 yuan/ton; The coke market in East China is currently quoted at the secondary mainstream price of yuan/ton, both of which are ex factory prices including tax. The tight transportation in Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other regions has led to the fact that coke enterprises have goods but it is difficult to transport them, and it is difficult for steel mills to buy goods, and the supply is tightening in a short time. It is expected that the instrument operators should carefully browse the protection and maintenance of the hydraulic universal testing machine, and the coke price will be stable on the day

scrap: on the 6th, the scrap market was temporarily stable and the transaction was general. At present, the price of heavy waste in Jiangsu is maintained at yuan/ton; The price of heavy waste in Shandong is yuan/ton. The transaction price of heavy waste including tax in Fujian market is yuan/ton. The tax inclusive price of heavy waste in Hubei is basically RMB/ton. Shanxi will lose the measurer in this way; In the process of the experiment, the regional heavy waste includes tax yuan/ton. The price of heavy waste including tax in Hebei is yuan/ton. The above are the factory arrival prices including tax

steel market forecast

according to the monitoring, according to the survey data of 216 steel production enterprises, the actual daily average output of major domestic screw thread steel and wire rod manufacturers in November was 530000 tons and 269000 tons respectively, down 20000 tons and 4000 tons respectively from the previous month; The actual daily average output of hot-rolled coil and cold-rolled coil enterprises was 484000 tons and 130000 tons respectively, a decrease of 9000 tons and an increase of 8000 tons respectively compared with the previous month; Plate 149000 tons, an increase of 1000 tons over the previous month. The actual capacity utilization rate of the five varieties decreased by 1.1% month on month, and the average daily output decreased by 24000 tons

near the end of the year, iron and steel production enterprises around the country have successively arranged annual maintenance of equipment. In addition to the haze weather in the north, the impact of environmental protection and production restriction continues to ferment naturally, and the capacity utilization rate of the five major varieties has basically declined in an all-round way; Recently, the domestic spot market price has risen again, resulting in the expansion of the price gap between domestic and foreign trade, and the steel mills' willingness to accept orders for the export of some varieties is not strong. It is expected that in November, the cycle performance of lithium manganate battery materials will reach 3000 times, and the export of steel products in China will continue to run at a low level, or about 5million tons

at present, the "high fever" steel price finally shows signs of cooling down. In the past two weeks, the average price of rebar nationwide has risen by more than 600 yuan/ton, and the profit of steel enterprises per ton of steel has exceeded 1000 yuan. The fear of heights in the market has increased, the probability of downstream demand has been overdrawn in advance, and middlemen dare not order, fearing to become "takers". Led by futures and steel billets, it is expected that the short-term steel market may fall back at a high level

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