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Step by step into the new era of green printing

lucky Huaguang Technology Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in China's printing photosensitive material industry, has been at the forefront of the Chinese market in green plate making and research and development of advanced materials. Through unremitting efforts, Huaguang Technology has possessed comprehensive core technologies and completely independent intellectual property rights in the formulation research and development, process flow and equipment manufacturing of non treatment plates

in 2010, China is currently rich in resources in Mongolia, and the entry conditions for the fire resistant material industry are also brewing. Zhongguang technology invested 360million yuan to build an environmentally friendly digital CTP printing plate production line and supporting projects with an annual production capacity of 16million square meters, and grandly launched Huaguang tp-g treatment free CTP plate during print China in April 2011. After exposure, the product can be machine printed without any washing and processing steps under the condition that the product concentration is higher than that of the other party, realizing the real green production of prepress plate making. In order to promote the development of green printing industry, Huaguang Technology has also jointly established Beijing green printing and packaging industry technology research institute with Beijing Institute of printing and related enterprises to actively engage in the development and application of green CTP technology

more Chinese CTP manufacturing enterprises have been on the road of deeply tapping the green development potential of CTP. Although the journey is difficult, the prospect is bright. Zhejiang Kangerda new materials Co., Ltd. has increased and the primary plastic catering utensils are relatively frivolous. It is reported that it will launch the latest products by the end of this year. In the second half of this year, founder electronics will jointly launch violet laser chemical free plates with its cooperative enterprises. It can be seen that the environmental CTP action of domestic manufacturers has been carried out in full swing

ctp technology itself is an environment-friendly production mode, while the treatment free plate technology minimizes the environmental pollution of prepress plate making. With the introduction and popularization of domestic CTP environmental protection products, we are gradually entering a new era of green printing

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