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Entering a new era of proximity sensors

Shanghai, China, on October 14, 2011, sofos sensor components now add a right angle pressure bearing ejector rod (bsa-a) series, once again expanding the lineup in the automation field. This new product can protect the non-contact sensor from the impact of heavy objects, detect the mission critical signal on the other axis of the right angle, and then transmit this signal to the PLC or computer it operates. With the release of this product, more and more non-contact inductive proximity sensors are not just waiting to see, but entering the full contact industrial automation, so the sensor and switch specifier have new design schemes

Brett Truett, President of sofonos, said: traditional limit switches and non-contact sensors cannot be free of corrosive media; It can avoid the collision of heavy objects by itself, and set the end position of the stroke, which can not be used as a load control element. Brett Truett went on to say, however, that the pressure retaining ejector rod (BSA) is designed for these applications. BSA and bsa-a style devices essentially bring non-contact sensors into new and harsh automation applications. Each bsa-a can be applied to 8 or 12mm proximity sensors (provided by the customer). George Zachary, product engineer of sofos, said: bsa-a is designed to reduce the total length, so it is suitable for narrow spaces. BSA and bsa-a devices are mainly used in the process of repeated mechanical action to detect the operation of the whole system. In addition, they are also used to detect and confirm whether the products are in place on the production line

the whole device is composed of heat-treated hardened, galvanized alloy steel parts, externally threaded rod and piston with spring. The maximum pressure that the piston can withstand is 20500 Newton/2085 kg. The proximity sensor adapts to the bsa-a sleeve through a diesling (polyformaldehyde resin) module. If the spring does not fail, it is proved that the verification experiment passes through the tube, in which the sensing surface of the sensor is placed at the right angle of the module, facing this indivisible stainless steel trigger. The sensor is triggered by the piston displacement of the externally threaded rod. The selection of variable external thread rod length/diameter, spring coefficient, piston type and sensor diameter means that users have nearly 100 BSA component parameters to choose from to meet application needs

sofonos got the word banking screw adapter from Scandinavian. Banking, for example, refers to the action of a ball or ice hockey wiping the surface of a blackboard or wall. The right angle pressure ejector is a new member of the profonos proxtrol product line. Proxtrol is a compound word, where prox is slang for proximity sensors and control means control

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Softnoze (USA) Co., Ltd. was founded in the United States in 1991 by engineers who invented the widely used elastic reset buffer mounting bracket. These devices are used to protect inductive switch sensors from accidental impact damage, resulting in the shutdown of the plant's global production system. At present, sofonos supplies more than 30 different product series and thousands of parts, which are widely used in industrial and commercial machinery through mapp: mount, apply, position and protect automatic sensors

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