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Stella Artois developed a new robot Bart, which can serve tea and sweep the floor. The design of Bart is very simple, which is to install plexiglass components on common sweeping robots, including bases, transparent spiders and trays with holes

speaking of sweeping the floor, it also brings new opportunities and challenges to the injection molding industry. Robots are familiar to everyone, but most people have never seen robots that can serve tea and sweep the floor. Recently, a foreign company called Stella Artois, Bayer materials technology, in close cooperation with footwear brands, automated production line manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers and other industry partners, has developed a new robot Bart, which can not only clean the ground, but also serve tea to the aquatic industry, and the convergence effect is continuously enhanced

although the robot Bart has powerful functions, its structure is simple. It is an upgraded version of our common sweeping robot, which is composed of machine glass components, including a base, a transparent spider and a tray with holes that meet the standard: and so on. It adopts the integrated design of sweeping, towing and suction, which can more accurately control the water seepage and outflow. When dragging the ground, it is both towed and dried, which greatly avoids the potential safety hazards caused by ponding. The design of Y-shaped cleaning path can also clean the dirt on the ground more effectively

in addition, Bart is also equipped with intelligent scanning, which can effectively avoid obstacles and deliver drinks to guests. It can deliver 4 cups of drinks at a time and can be delivered repeatedly

Lara Krug, vice president of the company, said: everyone should easily participate in the holiday party, and the host is no exception, so let Bart do the chores of serving tea and water

at present, Bart has begun to enter foreign markets. For domestic users, there is still a little regret, because there is no information disclosed to be listed in China for the time being. However, you can still pay attention to your favorite friends

[source: Mg Ke] [Author: Xing Xing]

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