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steel trade shopkeeper: don't worry about the supply and customers, and the steel trade is easier

steel trade shopkeeper: don't worry about the supply and customers, and the steel trade is easier

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unlimited space and unlimited achievements. Struggle needs a space, and success is just around the corner. With the mission of "making the black industry chain smarter", the vision of "becoming the leader of China's industrial interconnection", and the new business model as the carrier, ganglai Steel Co., Ltd. integrates all media traffic channels, builds a smart steel industry ecosystem with complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results, realizes the upstream and downstream sharing of the steel industry, and reshapes the new business ecosystem

ganglaigang has more than 20 years of experience in the steel trade industry and brand channel advantages. Next, steel to steel to have a set of steel trade, futures, finance in one of the stable business. On this basis, steel to steel up e-commerce model to explore more space, committed to providing customers with more and better services

Zhang Dafa, a salesman of a company in Beijing, has been engaged in steel trade for more than ten years. From the beginning, he knew nothing about it, and now he knows all kinds and models of steel, which is also hard work. However, in recent years, both sources of goods and customers have increasingly made Zhang Dafa feel that he is in a career bottleneck and under heavy pressure. "Due to the increasingly fierce competition, it is not only difficult to find good sources of goods, but also more and more difficult for me to attract new customers and retain old customers." Zhang Dafa said to. "Later, I learned that the steel trade shopkeeper platform not only has high-quality goods directly linked to the steel factory with high cost performance, but also has more than 500 terminal enterprise buyers. At first, I thought that entering such a good platform must require entry fees, handling fees and other fees, so I didn't care much. Until my friends recommended this app to me again, I didn't know that the steel trade shopkeeper can not only enter at zero cost, but also give a high return after the order is concluded Commission and subsidies. So, in just two months, my total sales volume on the platform has reached more than 9000 tons and earned more than 20000 Commission. "

according to the person in charge of the business of steel to steel, the shopkeeper of steel trade is committed to providing channel dealers, service providers and entrepreneurs of steel trade with value-added services such as direct sales sources of steel mills, one click sharing of goods, marketing poster templates, community channel promotion, search and exposure accurate traffic, rebate, subsidies and benefits, transaction behavior analysis, shopkeeper marketing training and so on. In 2020, the steel trade manager will help the sales continue to innovate, and continue to help the performance growth of steel trade sales

"for enterprises that make b-end brands, due to the limitation of channels, there is no way out for b-end products. This result is very regrettable. Therefore, they can only open up channels and find a way out by themselves. In the steel trade industry, steel trade sales and steel trade enterprises can effectively realize the path of cost reduction and efficiency increase and promote the orderly and healthy development of the industry by cooperating with the third-party intelligent industry interconnection platform like steel to steel." Said the head of the business of ganglai and Gangxiang

ganglaigang is located on the smart steel industry interconnection platform, aiming to build a third-party smart industry interconnection platform based on big data, cloud computing, IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and provide products or services such as transaction matching, warehousing and logistics for the upstream and downstream of the steel industry chain, supply chain gold with peak maintenance, automatic shutdown, overcurrent and overload protection functions, bulk commodity trading and risk management, Help enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain reduce costs, improve transaction efficiency, optimize resource allocation and reduce the risk of market price fluctuations. For more information about steel products and sales, please pay attention to the steel trade shopkeeper app

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