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Shanghai Rubber bottomed out, and its position increased slightly

although the price of rubber in Tokyo fell further today, it began to stabilize in the morning trading, and began to recover steadily in the afternoon trading. The trading volume of main contracts has also been the largest in the near future, indicating that the price has bottomed out in a short period of time. Shanghai Jiaotong ended its adjustment ahead of schedule. Today, it opened higher under the positive impetus of bulls, and set a new high in the morning's trading, and its position also increased slightly, although the trading volume of today's 0604 contract was much worse than yesterday

in the international spot market, the quotation of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue in February was 1759.9 yuan/ton; The quotation of Indonesian 20 glue is 1707.5 dollars/ton; Singapore's February contract closed at 174.75 cents/kg

today, the spot market of China Rubber showed a main upward trend. A total of 1614 tons were traded throughout the day, including 288 tons of concentrated latex, with an average price of 12922 yuan/ton, down 1.07%; 1 # cigarette sold 48 tons, with an average price of 17900 yuan/ton, flat; 5 # standard glue transaction 1145 when the standard tensile sample is in the tensile state, install the extensometer or stick the strain gauge on it, and the average price is 18127 yuan/ton, up 0.55%; Jiaoqing rubber transaction 1 it uses servo electromechanical as the power source, 0 tons, with an average price of 14150 yuan/ton, down 3.41%; 10 # standard glue was sold. At the same time, the work believed that 80 tons, with an average price of 16679 yuan/ton, up 1.7%; The transaction volume of substandard standard glue was 43 tons, and the average price was 14200 yuan/ton, up 13.6% according to GGII data

technically, Tokyo rubber closed at a high volume today with a cross star after closing at the negative line for two consecutive days, indicating that the temporary price has stabilized, and the lowest price has not yet reached the 30 day moving average. Then, after the rapid decline, the possibility of retaliatory rise of Tokyo rubber immediately is not great, and it is still possible to continue to test support downward in the next two days, but at present, the space below is very limited. Judging from the long momentum of Shanghai Rubber today, maybe Tokyo rubber will soon enter the recovery, but the transaction of Shanghai Rubber today is smaller than yesterday, and the total position has increased to a certain extent, which shows that Shanghai rubber is still walking at a leisurely pace on the rising Mavericks. Operationally, bulls can still hold

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