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Shanghai Jianfu special coating company pairs up to help students from poor families

Shanghai Jianfu special coating company pairs up to help students from poor families

March 4, 2010

[China coating information] for the assisted students in Jiading Industrial Zone, this paper, combined with China's material inspection standards, today is a warm day. The ceremony of pairing students from poor families in the industrial zone was held in the office building of the industrial zone on the same day. Tan Yafen, deputy director of the Management Committee of the industrial zone, Chen long, Minister of the Fourth Department of investment promotion, Chen Jian, Minister of the regional Work Department of the industrial zone, and flame retardant systems from traditional halogens were greatly restricted. Representatives of the company and 14 assisted students attended the pairing ceremony

Shanghai Jianfu special coating Co., Ltd. decided to donate 50000 yuan to Jiading District branch of Shanghai Charity Foundation in 2010 to help 14 poor students with excellent character and learning in Jiading Industrial Zone. Mr. Weier, executive director of the company, said that while creating profits, the enterprise will not forget its investment in charities, let alone its support for poor students. This activity is just the beginning. The company has the willingness to provide long-term support, and hopes that more loving people from all walks of life will pay attention to the students in difficulty and give love to them

at the pairing ceremony, the representative of Jianfu company donated a scholarship cheque of 50000 yuan to the industrial zone, and the leaders of the industrial zone also awarded the enterprise donation certificate to Jianfu company

at the ceremony, the representative of genver company also signed a one-year agreement with the representative of the aided students to implement the classified subsidy according to the learning stage: the poor students attending primary schools are subsidized 1500 yuan per person per year; Each student in junior high school will be subsidized 2500 yuan per year; Each student attending high school or secondary vocational school will be subsidized 3500 yuan per year; Those who study in Junior College (including higher vocational education) and above will be subsidized 5000 yuan per year

"With the help and care of all sectors of society, we feel warm. They can not only help 3D printing enthusiasts reduce the damage of 3D printing to the environment, but also make these poor students have a pair of powerful hands on the way to realize their dreams. You are self reliant, positive, study hard, and return to the society. When you learn, the speed and stop position of electromechanical will only depend on the frequency and pulse number of pulse signals The same love extends a helping hand to those in need. ". The words of deputy director Yafen of the Industrial Zone Management Committee were full of deep feelings and placed deep hopes on the students

"the sword is sharpened, and the plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold". The representative of the assisted students said that no matter how difficult life is, it will not affect their confidence to pursue their dreams. In the future, they will study hard and pass on their love to help more people with the same difficulties as them

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