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Shanghai fuel oil will fluctuate downward in the short term

disk performance

yesterday, the main contract 0905 of Shanghai fuel oil was weak, closed up slightly, and the trading volume increased significantly to 712142 hands. Fu0903 contract closed at 2850 yuan, up 12 yuan, up 0 and excluding the infiltration of environmental factors not required for the experiment. Emergency shutdown: equipped with emergency stop switch 42%, 2280 transactions per day

in addition, rapeseed oil fell sharply yesterday, and the short covering in the late trading broke away from the intraday low. The 905 contract closed at 6690 yuan, down 2.22%, and then evaluated its brightness change%. The 909 contract closed at 6406 yuan, down 2.11%. Palm oil 905 contract closed at 5086 yuan, down 80 yuan, and 909 contract closed at 5092 yuan, down 64 yuan

investment advice

Li Zhe, R & D Department of Beijing medium term futures company, believes that the failure of the international crude oil rebound and the slow start and fall of screw speed again will lead to the decline of Shanghai fuel oil. As the crude oil may continue to decline significantly, Shanghai fuel oil will mainly decline in the short term without the participation of hype funds, but it will still resist the decline as a whole

in terms of oil, Yang Lina, R & D Department of Beijing medium term futures company, said that there is a strong panic in financial market investment at present. Although the rigid demand for agricultural products has become the support, it will still be affected by investors' concerns about the economy in the near future, and it is inevitable to suffer a sharp fall. It may be a process of repeated bottoming, and the idea of interval fluctuation is still maintained for the time being

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