The hottest Shanghai glue is close to 30000 yuan,

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Shanghai rubber is close to 30000 yuan, with strong bullish expectations

missed cotton, just look at rubber! On the 12th, therefore, it should be noted that the sliding price of each department has a production capacity of 160000 tons of caprolactam every year, and the other price of the main contract is close to 30000 yuan, a new high in four years. The spot price of rubber increased by nearly 2000 yuan/ton. Industry insiders predict that the fourth quarter is the peak consumption season, and the market has high expectations for a new round of buying of factories after the festival. The pattern of supply exceeding demand is tightening, and it cannot be ruled out that the rubber price soared to a historical high of 40000 yuan in 2011

after the natural rubber futures price rose by the limit on the 11th, the rubber futures price continued to soar on the 12th. Among them, the main 1103 contract of Shanghai Jiao closed at 29335 yuan/ton, up 605 yuan/ton, or 2.11%, approaching the 30000 yuan level, hitting a four-year high. At the same time, the rise in the rubber spot market has also been upgraded with the futures price, and the spot prices at home and abroad have been fully followed. The spot market price in East China has risen nearly 2000 yuan/ton a day, and the spot price in many places has been close to 29000 yuan/ton

insiders pointed out that the fourth quarter is the peak season for automobile sales, and it is expected that the consumption of rubber in the domestic market will continue to increase in the future, and rubber prices are still expected to continue to be strong

at present, the growth rate of global natural rubber demand has exceeded the growth rate of supply, which will also boost the market of international natural rubber market, thus affecting the futures price of domestic natural rubber, so that there is no pungent smell when printing. According to the relevant data of the association of natural rubber producing countries (ANRPC), driven by the development of the downstream automotive industry, the global demand for natural rubber will increase by 9.4% and the demand for synthetic rubber will increase by 15.8% in 2010, while the growth rate of the global natural rubber supply in 2010 is expected to be reduced to 5.2%

"this year, China's automobile and tire consumption is strong, and it digests a lot of rubber. In the peak season of domestic supply, the inflow of imported spot goods also increases, while the inventory of Shanghai rubber is still low, which is rare in previous years." Feng Zhengyu, a researcher at Jingyi futures, believes that if there is no change in the tire demand market, the rubber price will remain high in the medium and long term, and is expected to exceed the high price in 2006 in the long term. However, in the short term, we need to be alert to overbought technical indicators and profit selling pressure. After all, the pressure at the 30000 yuan integer level is huge, and it is expected that there will be a round of adjustment in the short term

statistics show that the total position in the rubber market increased by 64% in the three trading days after the National Day holiday, and the return of funds pushed the price up continuously, soaring by 3000 yuan/ton in the three trading days

in the medium and long term, the market still has strong bullish expectations, especially under the extreme weather impact of La Nina phenomenon this year, the supply of natural rubber in major rubber producing countries is limited. In the domestic supply market, the supply of natural rubber in Hainan and Yunnan will further decrease under the influence of heavy rain

at present, the international rubber market has also increased alarmingly. According to the latest statistics of the Thai Rubber Research Institute, the spot price of Thai rubber rose 2.6% to 116.50 baht (about US $3.87)/kg on the 12th. In Indonesia, the world's second largest rubber producer, rubber prices soared to a record high of $3.85/kg on the 12th. The price of TOCOM rubber futures in Japan closed at 328.2 yen/kg on the 12th, and rose 3% to 332.5 yen/kg (about US $4046/MT) before the close, hitting a high since April 19

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