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Shanghai has become the largest epoxy acrylate base in China with a material elongation of more than 1000%. You can choose to travel 1000 or 1200mm

Shanghai has become the largest epoxy acrylate base in China

July 13, 2004

Shanghai showa polymer Co., Ltd., established with a joint investment of 2.7 billion yen (about 200million yuan) by Showa polymer Co., Ltd. and Japan ink chemical industry Co., Ltd. Since it was put into production in 2001, it has become the largest epoxy acrylate resin production base in China by virtue of the technical advantages of investors

epoxy acrylate resin, also known as vinyl ester resin, is a modified epoxy resin dissolved in styrene after the reaction between epoxy resin and acrylic acid. The vinyl ester resin of Showa polymer Co., Ltd. adopts unique technology and is the first company in the world to achieve industrialization and success. Shanghai Showa began to produce vinyl ester resin at the beginning of 2002, and its production scale has reached the largest production scale in China

epoxy acrylate resin has excellent characteristics of epoxy resin, but its curing and formability are better. It is not as cumbersome as epoxy resin, but a kind of heat curing resin. It has excellent water resistance, hot water resistance, drug resistance, adhesion and toughness. It can be cured by organic peroxide curing method (low temperature high temperature) or light curing method, which is widely used in the following fields: corrosion-resistant FRP products, such as FRP tanks, pipes, towers, 6.1.2 calculating ear making rate: and corrosion-resistant grids; Anti corrosion works, such as cement-based or iron-based FRP lining, high corrosion-resistant floor; High strength FRP, such as pultruded FRP profiles, sporting goods, FRP boats with reduced self weight, etc; Heavy duty anticorrosive glass flake coating; Others, such as UV ink and heavy-duty anti-corrosion industry, ended up 377.5, up 3.71% on the floor. Showa polymer Co., Ltd. successfully developed epoxy acrylate resin with its own technology in the 1960s, and was the first to realize commercialization in Japan, accounting for 50% of the Japanese market. Its excellent quality, technology and performance in the past 40 years have been highly praised at home and abroad

Showa's epoxy acrylate resin and other products have been based on the market and served customers since they entered China in 2000. So far, they have achieved good performance and won unanimous praise from customers. After its establishment, Shanghai Showa polymer has become a leader in China's vinyl resin industry. Through unremitting efforts, it provides users with the best products, the best service and the most perfect quality assurance. At the same time, it is also committed to promoting the continuous progress of China's FRP Industry and anti-corrosion industry

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