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2019 Opel lighting once again attended the international lighting industry event and led the industry reform with the power of technological intelligence. From October 27 to 30, the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn lighting exhibition was grandly held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, with more than 2700 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions around the world. As a leading scientific and technological enterprise in the lighting industry, with the theme of going beyond what you see, OPP lighting has exhibited highly representative intelligent lighting products and professional lighting solutions to global consumers and professional customers, discussed wisdom with industry elites, let alone analyzed the digital future of the city and lighting industry

from October 27 to 30, 2019, the 21st Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Exhibition hosted by the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council was grandly held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. OPP lighting, with its professional lighting solution, attended the exhibition with the reset setting solution and intelligent control system after the reading was stable, and delivered a speech on the topic of a new era of intelligent life under the Internet of everything

Hong Kong International Autumn lighting show is one of the most eye-catching events in the lighting industry in Asia, bringing together more than 2700 exhibitors from 35 countries and regions around the world. As a leading brand in the industry, OPP lighting is well aware that the globalization of its own brands is the only way in the intelligent era. In order to achieve the goal of global lighting enterprises, OPP lighting took advantage of this exhibition to show global consumers and professional customers at home and abroad its latest achievements in home, office and industry and its forward-looking vision of internationalization with a more grand global strategic layout

smart home, light up your own life

OPP lighting lights up your own life with smart lights. From the initial control of a single light, the scene based smart lighting scheme, to the upgrading and evolution of the smart home solution of the whole house, OPP lighting links lights with other intelligent hardware, and provides apps, wall switches, voice and other ways to realize intelligent lighting system, intelligent audio-visual entertainment Intelligent health environment and intelligent safety management bring more possibilities to home life

schematic diagram of OPP smart home system

as Mr. Jinxin, general manager of OPP lighting international business department and head of smart system planning, said: in the past two years, smart home has achieved explosive growth at an unimaginable speed. To achieve sustainable development of enterprises, cross-border cooperation with different industries is inevitable. After joining hands with Huawei to realize interconnection with other smart home products through the hilink protocol in 2016, OPP lighting continued to innovate itself, docking smart home technologies with more enterprises, and enabling users to realize the consumption experience of the whole house smart home

OP lighting won the best strategic partner award of Huawei hilink

smart office, innovative working mode

with the continuous progress of intelligent technology, enterprise office is gradually developing towards intelligence and humanization. For modern professionals, appropriate lighting can not only greatly improve work efficiency, but also enhance office comfort. In order to create a more suitable office environment, OPP lighting moved the real work scene into the exhibition. Through the adaptive technology of intelligent lighting, it combined the external light with artificial lighting, so that visitors could have an intelligent and efficient modern office experience

through the research on users' needs for different working environments such as conference, office and reception, Op lighting has developed a unique Bluetooth wireless intelligent control system. The system has the advantages of simple installation, convenient operation, flexible grouping and rich application scenarios. It can be easily switched through the app. This is the biggest challenge facing the Asia Pacific region to meet users' application needs for different office scenarios, Make the office space the best soil for innovation

from micro to macro, intelligent systems have existed in every link of our lives. Mr. Jinxin said so in his speech. In order to create a more macro intelligent system, OPP lighting has continuously opened up new territory, covering different industries such as office, factory, commercial chain and cultural architecture. By creating scene office services, it has reshaped the value of physical space

smart industry stimulates industrial vitality

modern industry has experienced mechanization and electrification, and is developing and upgrading in the direction of intelligence. In this exhibition, OPP lighting showed the visitors different lighting effects under the four modes of cleaning, preparation, maintenance and work through the miniature transparent screen, so that the visitors could experience the new industrial production environment under the intelligent lighting

through the Bluetooth module, OPP lighting realizes the wireless connection of lamps, and the lamps can be replaced without rewiring, making industrial operation A. tensile test: the tensile test of various tensile springs is more stable, flexible and energy-saving. With its powerful ETO customization service capability, OPP intelligent lighting solutions have gone deep into many industries, such as industrial sites, commercial chains, cultural buildings, outdoor landscapes, etc., bringing intelligent lighting experience to more scenes

to build a complete intelligent city system, we need the combination of multiple different systems. In this speech, Mr. Jinxin introduced the necessity of cross-border cooperation to us with Wujiang smart city as an example. In combination with the new IOT 5g technology, OPP lighting has carried out cross-border cooperation with China Mobile and Chinatelecom to provide Wujiang with the overall construction scheme and implementation of a smart city, and has realized the online real-time control and convenient management of building a district level lighting information platform with smart street lights

Wujiang intelligent road lighting

the development of intelligent technology has brought a new round of opportunities and challenges. In order to remain invincible in the tide of economic globalization and technological globalization, intelligent lighting must develop corresponding solutions based on the different needs of various industries, constantly breaking the situation and constantly updating. As a leading brand in the lighting industry, OPP lighting has spent 23 years of continuous precipitation and accumulation, and is committed to developing customized products with higher quality, higher efficiency and greater economic value. We look forward to witnessing the future of light consumption surpassing what we see with consumers

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