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In the 2019 international UAV competition, the fierce battle in Wuxi to see the top pilots compete in the air

, which is reprinted with authorization from 36 krypton, and the author Pu Minqi

the high and low barrier doors, cool FPV glasses, and harsh beeps... On September 5, in Wuxi Sports Park, the fierce battle in the 2019 international UAV competition hosted by Wuxi Liangxi district government and others was in full swing, and hundreds of top pilots from 13 countries began to compete in the air

on the competition platform, four pilots were sitting quietly on the chairs, holding the radio remote control ready. At the command, the game begins! Four UAVs rushed up from the race platform and plunged into the track. Turning, climbing, diving, galloping, chasing each other, the continuous aerial stunts are amazing

the UAV can race as fast as 220 km/h, which is fleeting with the naked eye. How do the pilots see the contraction experiment? The answer lies in the FPV glasses they wear. The FPV glasses, known as the "first person main vision", rely on the wireless camera back transmission equipment installed on the UAV to obtain flight vision, and the players also get a flying experience in the extreme speed crossing of the UAV

"the moment you pick up the remote control, your heart will be pounding. The immersive high-speed flight is too exciting." The teacher from the children's palace of Wuxi City, Ren Youcai, stood out from more than 200 competitors for two years and won the entry capital of the domestic professional group. 5. LED digital display grid. He told us that the price of a UAV is more than 4000 yuan. The fuselage is made of carbon fiber and the propeller is made of high-performance plastic. The remote control in the hand is mainly controlled by the thumbs of both hands. One is responsible for speed, and the other is responsible for turning and other skills

"in fact, UAV racing not only trains the skills of the hands, but also tests the comprehensive quality of each pilot." Ren Hao said that at ordinary times, everyone would take out the cup-shaped sample after the punch bottoms, and would study physics, dynamics of Pu insulation materials with air flame retardance reaching B1 and B2 levels. These are all knowledge that directly affects the flight speed. UAVs often collide, and the propeller is easily worn. Therefore, pilots also need to know about electronic components. They need to buy materials to replace and weld by themselves, which is the so-called "brain and hands"

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