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2019 new construction machinery environmental protection storm is coming, who can be alone

2019 new construction machinery environmental protection storm is coming, who can be alone

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no matter what the purpose is, the pollution control and power energy transformation of construction machinery are arrows

the swinging part 102 swings at 90 (45 on both sides of the vertical line), and most of the construction machinery and equipment are in an unsupervised state. The old equipment has been lingering in the construction line, causing pressure and hidden dangers to the environment and the normal replacement of equipment. In order to effectively win the blue sky defense war, strengthen market supervision and accelerate the withdrawal of old low-level emission standard equipment from the market

upgrading of environmental protection situation

the owners of construction machinery are in a difficult situation

at the two sessions of this year, all construction machinery enterprises tacitly called for the mandatory licensing and scrapping of construction machinery with regard to the new policy of accelerating the elimination of old construction machinery


within one year, the state has issued a number of policies

behind which is the strict control of the construction machinery market

policy. The strengthening of punishment for high emission equipment is one of the important features of 2018. Excavators, loaders, road rollers and other high non road mobile machinery that are easy to rust, corrode and pollute once the paint surface of steel is damaged or the early anti-corrosion is not well done have become important governance objects; For large-scale construction machinery and equipment in service without license or license, they will face a fine of 30000 yuan

a hydraulic excavator with model R of a greening company in Beijing, whose smoke emission value is 2.821m-1, shall be ordered to stop the illegal act and fined 50000 yuan only

the three excavators stored by Beijing Chengyue Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. have obvious visible smoke in use, so they will be fined 5000 yuan for each excavator and 15000 yuan in total

the owner of a excavator in Heze, Shandong Province, received a notice (pasted with a strip) For the large-scale construction machinery and equipment without license or license in service, they may face a fine of 30000 yuan


with such strict control, the owner of construction machinery may not escape. Some people may lament the misfortune of small machine owners or small lessors

the form of environmental protection in the construction machinery industry has been upgraded again, and the strength has caused a substantial blow to small machine owners and small lessors of construction machinery. The old non road machinery will be forced to be scrapped and the high emission equipment will be shuffled. The punishment will be upgraded again to become the "hanging knife" of the front-line machinery users of construction machinery. If you are careless, you will face high punishment

on June 27, 2018, the three-year action plan for winning the blue sky defense war was officially issued. All relevant units in all provinces and cities have implemented the implementation opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening ecological environment protection and resolutely fighting against pollution. The construction machinery industry, as a "major polluter", bears the brunt. Affected by this, in 2018, the environmental protection trend of construction machinery will become more high-profile and urgent

a strange phenomenon appeared in the construction machinery market. On the one hand, new policies for environmental protection have been issued one after another. On the other hand, more and more high emission equipment have been punished due to the impact of policies, and the strength is increasing

however, in our view, the independent operation of the market does not avoid profit seeking and preference. It is inevitable that the industry will have an unbalanced and disorderly market situation. For the current situation of environmental control, the government has taken the initiative to strictly control it, which may cause pain, but it is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to reshape the industrial order, the sustainable development of environment and resources, and the benchmarking of world-class technologies and development standards. All this foreshadows a major structural change

2019 "national four" comes to power

it may not be plain sailing

according to the national unified planning, the introduction and implementation of the four stage emission standard for non road construction machinery may become the export of construction machinery under the huge environmental pressure of the construction machinery market, which is also the life and death line. Under the Fourth National Congress, inventory clearing, technology upgrading, and more channels have turned into imminent pressure to pass on to Jiyou, manufacturers and dealers. How to make the market make way for the Fourth National Congress in less than two years is full of practical obstacles. There are still many difficulties to be solved for the smooth implementation of the Fourth National Congress

from January 1st, 2020, non road mobile machinery and its installed diesel engines that do not meet the requirements of the four stage standard shall not be produced, imported, sold or put into use. According to the total number of construction machinery in 2017 is about 7.2 million, which is mainly calculated at and below the third national level. It is the first time to log in 100 product name projects. How to "settle" the vast equipment stock under the fourth national level will become the first market problem

with the scrapping time of construction machinery under the national three standards being put on the agenda, a large number of construction machinery and equipment are facing the situation of being eliminated, forcibly scrapped or becoming the last way back

in fact, it is difficult to force scrapping. It is difficult to ensure that the implementation does not cause market chaos and do not harm market enthusiasm. Machinery and equipment that are lower than the third national standard are facing elimination. The buyer's market is suffering from the consequences of overcapacity and backward production capacity. The Ministry of industry and information technology and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued the action plan for promoting the development of automotive power battery industry, which has become extremely difficult. Many machine owners are facing the stage of "elimination and replacement" before they are familiar with it

at the same time, the stock of second-hand construction machinery that meets the environmental protection requirements in the market will be greatly reduced, the operators will face survival risks due to the shortage of supply, and the competition in the second-hand construction machinery market will also be fierce. Small and medium-sized leasing enterprises and individual leaseholders face the risk of exiting the market due to their limited ability to bear risks. In this way, the buyer's market is under great economic pressure, and there is no small resistance to the implementation of policies

at the same time, once the products flow into the market, or even into remote areas, it is not only difficult to control the flow, but also the implementation of policies will be limited by various conditions. Supervision and scrapping will become great difficulties

green environmental protection

products that meet the four national standards are on the way

under the knife of environmental protection, they are trembling. It is no accident that the owners of construction machinery are in great trouble, the second-hand market is in the final frenzy, and the internal combustion engine industry is huddling together to seek a breakthrough. What they show is a basic defect in China's construction machinery market. This defect is related to technology and ideas, so it is derived from the rapid development of current technology and ideas

"if you don't make progress, reform or change, you will be out and eliminated." At the just concluded 2018 World internal combustion engine conference, heguangyuan, honorary chairman of China internal combustion engine society, said. Buamachina2018, in the face of the huge demand for engine upgrading in the whole industry brought by environmental protection upgrading, engine enterprises took the lead in taking action, competing for the dividends brought by environmental protection upgrading, and exhibited a series of engines that meet the four standards of non road countries

a number of new technologies, new products, new models and new business forms are presented in a centralized manner, which indicates that the general trend of technological change in green environmental protection and intellectualization of construction machinery in the future is coming

environmental protection concerns sincerity and long-term, and its impact is not in one city, one place, or one moment. Construction machinery enterprises demand themselves with high standards. The more they can understand the national and local environmental protection policies and the industry trend as soon as possible, and actively seek technological redevelopment and industrial upgrading. The more they can improve their ability to resist risks, the more they can remain invincible for a long time

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