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2019 world robot conference is coming! Innfos, together with a full range of SCA collision technology frontiers

intelligent new ecology and opening up a new era 2019 world robot conference was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 20 to August 25. As an international conference with the largest scale, the highest specifications and the richest international elements in the field of robotics in China, this conference will invite more than 300 industry authoritative experts and enterprise representatives from China, Russia, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy, Canada, Australia, Israel and other countries to make a keynote report and summit dialogue

during the conference, the world robot Expo will be held at the same time. From January to October this year, Thailand imported a total of 413 extruders from China. The conference invited world-renowned enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions in the field of robotics to display the latest scientific research achievements, application products and solutions in the field of robotics in the world, and provide an international industrial exchange platform for China's robot industry

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at this year's exhibition site, innfos, as a provider of intelligent flexible actuator solutions for high-end robots, will bring a full range of intelligent flexible actuators independently developed to participate in SCA (smart compliant actuator) at the interior Lifestyle Exhibition opened at Tokyo Youming International Exhibition Center on June 1, 2016. The full series of SCA actuators include Qdd Pro harmonic reducer series actuators, Qdd planetary reducer series actuators, Qdd Lite composite material version series actuators, DD direct drive series actuators, etc., which comprehensively demonstrate the advanced technology of SCA in integration, high precision, high performance, flexible control, etc., and the scientific and technological hard power of innfos in the research and development of robot intelligent joints

in the domestic robot hardware market, the integrated new servo product innfos is the first. Innfos SCA is highly integrated with servo motor, high-precision driver, high-precision encoder and high-precision reducer. It has multiple characteristics, such as integration, high-precision, bus control, large torque output, flexible control and so on. Cloudminds XR-1 built by SCA has caused a wide sensation in the industry once it was unveiled in mwc2019. The weak current part of CNN, Reuters and IEEE, a world-famous engineering academic platform, is divided into three ways: 1. The photoelectric switch collects twists and turns signals and competes to report. Innfos SCA has filled the technical gap in the field of high-end robots in China for a long time, laid a technical foundation for the development of Chinese robot bottom servo technology, and is an important innovation in the robot era

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during the exhibition, innfos will also release two new products, namely the flat actuator qdd-nu80 designed for quadruped robot and the Qdd Lite series using composite materials. Among them, the Qdd Lite series replaces some metal structural parts of the innfos SCA Standard Version with composite materials using injection molding process, which greatly reduces the R & D cost of high-end robot machines

what do the two new products of innfos mean to the industry? Qdd-nu80, which is specially developed for quadruped robot, has solved the problems of quadruped actuator? What breakthroughs has the Qdd Lite series, which has lowered the consumption threshold, brought to the development of servo technology and the automation equipment market

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as we all know, since alphago defeated Korean chess player lishishi, robots have become a hot spot in the scientific and technological circles and investment circles. At present, there are many well-known quadruped robots all over the world, such as Boston power's spotmini, MIT cheetah, anymal, the first to complete the marine inspection, and domestic ones such as laikago of Yushu technology, jueying of Zhejiang University, etc. Looking at various international robot competitions in recent years, there are two competitions in the Asia Pacific region with quadruped robot competitions, including quadruped robot projects in many domestic universities. Just like the original Dajiang, the market for quadruped robots will soon rise. In this environment, the demand for quadruped actuators will be huge. Innfos took a step ahead of the wind and released Qdd nu80, a special actuator for quadruped robot, to help the outbreak of quadruped robot

in the robot industry, the drive module is used whenever the robot needs to move. The actuator is often used as a model aircraft to develop toys because of its weak performance. The servo motor is more used in industrial robots because of its large size and strong rigidity. There is a big fault between the ultra-low performance actuator and the ultra-high performance servo motor. The emergence of Qdd Lite series just solves this problem. It only costs thousands or even hundreds of dollars to buy high-end integrated and high-performance intelligent joints, which greatly reduces the cost of high-end robot ontology research and development. This will be a big event shaking the robot industry

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based on the above two points, the two new products to be released by innfos this time may trigger a new round of discussion in the industry. We can boldly guess that qdd-nu80 may become a rare and very good choice for quadruped actuators, and Qdd Lite series is even expected to replace the steering gear market. Although these guesses have yet to be verified, for a robot industry that is actively developing and will eventually prosper, both Qdd nu80 and Qdd Lite deserve our expectation

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