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2019 world artificial intelligence conference · polar chain technology forum invites you to explore the future vision

? At 9 a.m. on August 31, polar chain technology will hold the "2019 world artificial intelligence conference · polar chain technology forum" in the 6F · 617 conference hall of Shanghai WorldExpo center

at 9 a.m. on August 31, polar chain technology will hold the "2019 world artificial intelligence conference · polar chain technology forum" in the 6F · 617 conference hall of Shanghai WorldExpo center

2019 world artificial intelligence conference, with the theme of "unlimited possibilities of Zhilian world" and the characteristics of "high-end, international, professional, market-oriented and intelligent", will gather the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the global intelligent field, as well as leaders of relevant governments, to deliver speeches and conduct high-end dialogues around the technological frontier, industrial trends and hot issues in the intelligent field, Build the world's top intelligent cooperation platform into the oil cylinder flow, become a professional academic conference widely praised in the industry, and build an industry event with international level and influence

at this year's AI conference, the first "Developer Day" will show two key words unique to the development of Shanghai AI industry: openness and youth. As a young local Unicorn representative, polar chain technology will join the developer day, with the theme of "reconstructing the vision · seeing the future", and invite the world's top AI experts, technology bulls, representatives of well-known enterprises and passionate developers to gather in Shanghai to share and interpret the development practice of computer vision technology and "ai+ video", bringing a technology and industry that can complete plywood, particleboard The owners of medium density factories joined hands with central enterprises to replace imported fibreboard and other wood plates with a variety of mechanical property test equipment event

with 5g+ai support, Video will become the next known signal connecting people and (size/amplitude represent the important media for smart devices and people, and form an Internet form - visual link, which takes video as the main information transmission medium and functional carrier. What kind of energy will the mature AI technology of the day burst into when encountering video that stimulates multi-dimensional senses? Everything will be revealed in the polar chain technology unit. At that time, the world's top AI experts, well-known scholars and enterprise representatives will share the theme. At the same time, the experts will also pass the round table The dialogue will have a smart collision, and the video applet developer competition will be awarded

this time, the sub units are full of dry goods and there are many highlights:

1. The world's top AI Pioneer: focus on computer vision technology, chat about hard core technology, and build the light of vision link together

2. Symphonic stage of technology and creativity: the video applet developer competition will enable more geeks who believe in technology and yearn for innovation to "start their own businesses"

3. Get programmer upgrade Guide: you can't miss the "million yearly paid programmer" test challenge. Do you want to know your skills? Accept the challenge

4. The coolest videolink developer feast: join the extreme chain AI developer club to share cutting-edge research results, activity resources and technical dry goods

with the increase in the time ratio of video in our lives, video content has now accounted for 80% of the total amount of Internet data, and more and more apps have begun to load video functions. Even without any technological and application breakthroughs, it is expected that the total amount of video content data will reach 82% by 2022. According to polar chain technology, the next Internet era will be an era based on video. Video will become an important medium connecting people with the next generation of intelligent devices and people with Internet, thus forming an Internet form with video as the main information transmission medium and functional carrier. This generation of Internet is called "vision link". As video has become the main way for people to relax, entertain and transmit information, and the time for people to watch video has increased, it will bring more convenience for people to carry the functional services of Internet. This convenience is the value of video as an Internet portal. In this sub unit, polar chain technology will invite technology pioneers to explore the future of vision

video++ is an AI technology company focusing on the next generation of video interconnection. It has the largest AI platform in China and helps brand merchants complete the promotion and transformation in the AI era. The main investors include, Yunfeng fund, Kuangshi technology, youbiselection, SDIC fund, etc. It has grown into a video AI technology company with leading technology, massive users and comprehensive revenue. This time, the sub unit focuses on technological theory innovation, underlying logic and industrial applications, aiming to create the coolest feast for videolink developers. It is the first to open up a new horizon and create it with wisdom

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