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2019 Guangzhou International artificial intelligence industry exposition Guangzhou CEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. plans to hold 2019 Guangzhou International artificial intelligence industry exposition at Guangzhou Pazhou international procurement center on April, 2019. It is hereby notified as follows:


the exhibition is an international brand event in the artificial intelligence industry jointly organized by CLP international in conjunction with Chinese and foreign industry associations, government authorities, relevant trade and other professional institutions in accordance with the principles of specialization, internationalization and branding. Both government support and industry authority participation. During the exhibition, leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, provincial and municipal governments and industry authorities will visit the exhibition and attend the opening ribbon cutting

the procurement team

will invite a large number of manufacturers, agents, dealers, traders, and application providers in the artificial intelligence industry from China, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other countries and regions Service providers and relevant international famous purchasing associations organized and led a delegation to the meeting to visit and purchase

high end forum

the exhibition will invite authoritative experts in the artificial intelligence industry to discuss the latest technologies, development trends, division of labor pattern, relevant countermeasures and other hot topics of artificial intelligence at home and abroad. Make an in-depth report on the development status and problems of China's artificial intelligence, make a research report on China's artificial intelligence market, and make a detailed speech on product development and technological innovation. At that time, we will arrange lectures and exchanges for influential enterprises in the field of international artificial intelligence to introduce product profiles and the latest technology trends. It is proposed to invite senior officials of the Chinese government, relevant experts, scholars, representatives of international famous institutions, famous suppliers and purchasers of artificial intelligence products, representatives of Chinese enterprises in the artificial intelligence industry and other professional audiences to attend. Its industry guidance and authority are expected. It is a wind vane for the development of China's artificial intelligence industry and international exchanges and cooperation, and will be the best platform to obtain information about the artificial intelligence industry and grasp the international market

exhibition returns

face to face communication with each domestic and foreign procurement decision-maker, and reach deals with intended customers to expand brand influence among professional customers; Establish overseas distribution network and expand international market; Promotion of new products and technologies; Develop new markets; Understand competitors and industry development trends; Insight into the latest international technology and information; Meet old customers and develop new business

※ introduction to the exhibition

in recent years, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are developing in depth. The accelerated integration of the new generation of information technology and industry represented by artificial intelligence has promoted the profound changes in the industrial form and the friction cloth between its upper and lower ends and the support of experimental machines. Many industries have begun to evolve to artificial intelligence, and intelligence has become an important direction of industrial development. Industrial manufacturing, automobile, transportation, security, finance, education, health care, e-commerce retail, blockchain, Internet, service and other industry enterprises, research institutes, universities and governments of various countries have increased their deployment for the development of artificial intelligence

at present, artificial intelligence has imperceptibly penetrated into every corner of human life and is playing an unimaginable role in more and more fields. The deep integration of artificial intelligence technology in various industrial links has gradually become a trend, and new business models such as sharing economy have brought a broader application prospect for artificial intelligence. Traditional enterprises have accelerated the application and development of artificial intelligence, large enterprises have accelerated the penetration and layout of artificial intelligence industry, and the industrial value chain of various industries is being reshaped under the promotion of intelligence. Artificial intelligence has become the direction of future industrial development and a new strategic commanding point for the development of China's technology industry. Artificial intelligence has become the most potential wind outlet industry in the future

in order to comply with the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry, under the leadership of competent departments at all levels, Guangzhou CEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and industry authorities will hold the 2019 Guangzhou International artificial intelligence Exhibition (AIE 2019) in Guangzhou Pazhou international procurement center on April, 2019. We will deepen the connotation of the event, promote the development of the industry by taking advantage of the opportunity, and provide a professional, international and branded business expansion, technical exchange, strength display, information acquisition, customer contact, new product promotion, and Looking for an international business platform for partners. We will display new technologies and products in the field of artificial intelligence, gather the most cutting-edge technologies in the development of global artificial intelligence, gather the most cutting-edge talents in the global artificial intelligence industry, promote the further integration of the industry and cutting-edge information technology, provide more cooperation opportunities for the global artificial intelligence industry, and vigorously promote the full entry of Chinese artificial intelligence products into the global procurement system, Coordinate and cooperate with the artificial intelligence industry around the world for mutual benefit and common development and progress

※ exhibit scope

◆ intelligent robots: household robots, catering robots, customer service robots, welcome robots, children's robots, bionic/simulation robots, brain like robots, educational robots, medical robots, cleaning robots, sensor robots, interactive robots, autonomous robots, entertainment robots, UAVs, intelligent patrol robots, robot accessories, etc

◆ artificial intelligence applications: intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory, intelligent logistics, intelligent education, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent security, intelligent city, intelligent transportation, intelligent parking and heat sealing specimen required when it breaks under tension, intelligent vehicle, intelligent driving assistance system, intelligent charging, intelligent finance, intelligent retail, IOT/car service, ar/vr, virtual reality, augmented reality, intelligent wearable devices, rfid/all in one card Smart home, smart home appliances, smart toys, smart consumer electronics, etc

◆ pattern recognition: biometric recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, vein recognition, character recognition, visual film recognition, remote sensing image recognition, intelligent language recognition, license plate recognition, standing wave recognition, 2D3D recognition, multi-dimensional recognition, etc

◆ intelligent control: neural network chip, intelligent sensor, intelligent PID, controller, expert controller, neural network controller, hybrid/integrated intelligent control system, hierarchical control system, artificial neural network control system, fuzzy control system, learning control system, cloud service, big data, artificial intelligence hardware, artificial intelligence software, etc

◆ knowledge engineering: intelligent search engine, computer vision, image processing, machinetranslation, natural language understanding, data mining, knowledge discovery, knowledge representation, knowledge processing system, etc

◆ automatic planning: automatic programming, genetic programming, intelligent information retrieval, full-text information retrieval system, automatic summarization system, machine vision, robotics, machine perception, etc

◆ artificial intelligence others: human-computer interaction interface, knowledge base, inference engine, interpreter, comprehensive database, artificial intelligence laboratory, organic foam board thin plastering external wall external insulation system frequently used for knowledge acquisition, polystyrene board large mold built-in external wall external insulation system. The main body of the material itself is flammable material acquisition, theorem proof, game, genetic programming, information induction and dialectical treatment, artificial life, complex system Algorithm framework, genetic algorithm, etc

※ target audience

decision makers, managers, engineers, and experts from government, manufacturers, agents, dealers, traders, associations/institutions, industry, machinery, composite materials, aviation, aerospace, military, national defense, security, transportation, automobile, driverless, personal assistants, finance, e-commerce retail, medical health, education, sports, entertainment, civil construction and other relevant units, research institutions, colleges and universities The purchasing director, business and market consultants, enterprise purchasers and decision-makers attended the exhibitions and forums

※ exhibition schedule

registration and arrangement: april2019

exhibition time: april11,2019

withdrawal time: april11,2019

all colleagues in the industry are welcome to sign up for the exhibition. Now they are accepting applications. Please contact the organizing committee quickly to obtain the exhibition application form and booth plan! Make full use of AIE 2019 to consolidate your market position

the 5th China Asia Europe security Expo will be opened at Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on August 16, 2018. All preparations are proceeding in an orderly manner. In order to ensure the smooth opening of the exhibition, the press conference of China Asia Europe security Expo was held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center on the morning of July 25

hanyongsheng, director of the second comprehensive management division of the political and Legal Affairs Committee of the Party committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, annival aimaiti, deputy political commissar of the public security management corps of the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Cheng Xingfang, chairman of the security technology prevention Industry Association of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Zhu Ting, deputy leader of the public security management detachment of Urumqi Public Security Bureau, Guo Wei, deputy leader of the video technology prevention brigade of the science and information corps of the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Caoyan, deputy director of Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, GengHui, general manager of Xinjiang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and more than 30 media attended the press conference

this exhibition is guided by the Public Security Department of the autonomous region, supported by the Asia Europe security industry alliance, the Asia Pacific Security Association, the cooperation and mutual assistance alliance of national urban security associations, the comprehensive management office of the autonomous region, the public security management corps of the Public Security Department of the autonomous region, the Urumqi Municipal People's government, the Urumqi Public Security Bureau, hosted by the Xinjiang Security Association, Shenzhen Security Association, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and sponsored by the Russian Security Industry Association The Russian security standards development committee, the Kazakhstan Security Industry Association and the Kyrgyz non-governmental security group, the former will inspect the organization alliance, the private security organizations and security training alliance of the Republic of Armenia, the Almaty investment and Trade Federation, Taiwan China Security Association, and Xinjiang International Exhibition Co., Ltd

1. The scale of the exhibition is comparable to that of previous years, and the exhibition professionalism is further improved.

this Asia Europe Expo will cover five pavilions of Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total exhibition area of 33000 square meters, 1300 booths and more than 350 exhibitors. Among them, representatives of exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions as well as exhibitors from more than 20 provinces and cities were attracted to the exhibition. There are nearly 20000 exhibits in 6 exhibition areas, including police equipment brand area, police equipment brand area, security inspection and explosion removal area, security brand area, artificial intelligence area and police vehicle area

2. Focusing on the theme of social security, the high-end forum activities are colorful

in order to comply with the situation of maintaining stability in Xinjiang, and in combination with the characteristics of our region, the forum and related activities held at the same time are closely related to the overall goal of Xinjiang work. At that time, government leaders, departments of public security, inspection, law and justice, party and government organs, public service units, large enterprises of fire protection system, excellent security enterprises, industry experts, etc. will be invited to jointly discuss policy guidance Industry development, technological innovation and other hot topics, providing advice and suggestions for the healthy development of the industry

3. Country

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