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Ceramic tiles are indispensable for new house decoration. The following 20 common sense is good for new house decoration and future use. Next, let's have a look

ceramic tiles are indispensable for new house decoration. The following 20 common sense is good for new house decoration and future use. Next, let's learn about it

1. Don't buy matt tiles in the kitchen, otherwise it's greasy and difficult to wipe. Don't use too plain ceramic tiles in the bathroom. First, they are easy to get dirty, and second, they are too dull for a long time

2. The floor tiles with good quality have uniform specification and size, uniform thickness, flat and smooth surface, no bubbles, no stains, no pitted surface, bright color, uniform and glossy, no defects at edges and corners, 90 degree right angles, no deformation, clear patterns, good compressive performance, and are not easy to damage

3. It's difficult to find a satisfactory color of the floor tile, so I didn't find it. However, the staggered mosaic of two dissatisfied colors and a 45 degree angle can achieve the effect I'm very satisfied with. This is a good suggestion put forward by the bricklayer himself

4. In order to save money, I bought the promotional Asiatic tiles (white, matte), and my brain was hot for a moment. I pasted them in the kitchen by mistake. Now it's useless. I just feel that it's much more laborious to wipe cement marks and add sealant than glazed tiles

5. When selecting ceramic tiles, the owner needs to identify the quality of the tiles. The method is: first, to see whether its color is uniform, and it is OK if there are no mottled colors and small hole black spots; Secondly, check whether the size is standard. Measure the length and width of the ceramic tile with a tape measure. The measured size should be consistent with the factory size of its trademark, and then measure the diagonal of its ceramic tile. If the diagonal size is consistent, the ceramic tile is positive; Then we need to see the flatness of the tiles. The simplest and effective way is to overlap the two tiles of the same brand. If there is an obvious gap between the two tiles after overlapping or they can rotate, the tiles are uneven; Finally, it depends on whether the tiles have color differences. The method is to take out several samples of tiles of the same type and compare them in the bright place. If you can't see the color differences, you can order them

6. Therefore, neutral bricks should be used. Brown series and bluestone series are dirt resistant. Kitchen and balcony are very dirt resistant

7. When buying ceramic tiles, you must consider the loss. You'd rather buy more and return later than rush to replenish. Replenishment basically has to be carried out by yourself, which will be very troublesome and torture people's patience (and you can pay more when you buy). After the kitchen is tiled, it's best to stick old newspapers or plastic films. If your workers cook in the kitchen, an important part of your cleaning work after decoration is to clean the oil stains in the kitchen first

8. The color of the floor tiles is too light, and the hair and footprints are obvious. I want to be barefoot + shave my head

9. My biggest regret is that I bought ultra white vitrified bricks, which will seep color. How can a stain on the snow-white floor tiles not be removed? I hate it

10. Wall and floor tiles: this item can save a lot of money! If your home has two balconies (living balcony and sightseeing balcony), there is no need to buy good ones when buying tiles, as long as they are beautiful and practical. The reason is: you won't clean it up every day. Its function is to embellish the local space! Of course, the sunny side should consider buying UV resistant ones, otherwise the fading will affect the beauty! The side of the kitchen by the cupboard must be better

11. You can knock when selecting, and the crisp sound indicates that the ceramic tile has high porcelain density and hardness, and good quality; You can also measure the water absorption of tiles. The lower the water absorption, the higher the internal stability of tiles, and the more suitable for spaces with high moisture or moisture content (such as toilets, kitchens), without black spots and other problems. The simplest detection method is to pour a cup of water on the back of the ceramic tile. The water stain spreads rapidly, indicating that the water absorption is high, and vice versa. Check the surface quality of the ceramic tile. Scrape the glaze of the ceramic tile with a hard object. If there are traces, it means the quality is poor; We also need to see whether the color of the tiles is clear. With the naked eye, we can see whether there are pinholes. The pinholes are easy to accumulate dirt. Finally, we can observe the flatness of the tiles. The side is straight, easy to pave, and the effect is good

12. After shopping today, I carefully looked at the tiles of brands and some less famous brands, and found that the price gap was too large. The summary is that you get what you pay for. If you choose according to your own needs, there must be a gap in the future

13. If it is polished brick, antifouling treatment needs to be done on the surface. If it is retro brick or vitrified brick, it can not be used as an antifouling layer

14. I want to use ceramic tiles on the floor of the living room, but I see many kinds of floor tiles. What is the difference? It looks similar, but is Smick cheaper? Can I use it? No matter which kind of bricks are used, those used in the living room must have an antifouling layer, especially polished bricks. There are some bricks that are stain resistant, which does not mean that there is an antifouling layer

15. Is the quality of seamless tiles good? A prerequisite for the realization of seamless ceramic tiles is that the thermal expansion and cold contraction rate of ceramic tiles is zero. We know that this possibility is zero. What are the consequences of forced seamless processing? It is impossible for ceramic tiles to expand and contract with heat and cold to push down the wall, because the adhesive force on their back cannot be greater than the force pushing the wall. Then there is only one consequence: the tiles are arched

16. Generally, 600*600 bricks are used in the living room within 30 square meters. If it is larger than 30 square meters, 800*800 bricks can be used

17. Floor tiles must be dirt resistant and non slip. Don't just look good. Matte tiles are difficult to clean

18. Vitrified tiles are polished full-length bricks with quartz crystals. In order to prevent dark water from falling on the brick and seeping into it, wax it for the first time (it must be better to wax it well). After the pores on the brick are sealed, it won't seep. It's just a matter of beauty to play it again. Add water to prevent slipping

19. The floor tile skirting is made of wood, and the vitrified skirting with appropriate color and specification is hard to find and easy to fall off. The wooden skirting is fixed on the wall firmly and thinly

20. The kitchen is matte, and the pattern is not sunken, so it is easy to keep clean. White matte bathroom is good




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