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As we all know, the quality of Feng Shui around us has a decisive impact on our fortune and personal aura. Because of this, we pay attention to Feng Shui everywhere in our life; So in Feng Shui, what are the stresses of housing decoration and Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

stress on housing decoration and Feng Shui

what stress does housing decoration and Feng Shui have

1. Toilet decoration Feng Shui

when the toilet is decorated, the door is not suitable for facing the kitchen. As the saying goes, water does not leave money. If the bathroom and kitchen are door-to-door, a pattern of "water supply" through "water supply" will be formed, which is detrimental to money

2. Kitchen decoration Feng Shui

kitchen decoration should be auspicious. This is the basic principle of kitchen decoration, which is conducive to the health of family members and the harmonious relationship between husband and wife. In terms of kitchen decoration, we must put it in a fixed and accurate position. The washing machine cannot be placed in the kitchen, nor can we wash clothes in the kitchen, because the kitchen is where the kitchen king is, and the sacred place. Cleaning dirty clothes will affect fate

3. Bedroom decoration Feng Shui

in the process of bedroom decoration, it should be noted that the bedroom door cannot face the mirror. Otherwise, it may lead to disharmony and mental weakness of the host couple. At the same time, the bedroom door cannot be facing the head of the bed to prevent neuralgia and headache. The head of the bed cannot lean against the bathroom wall to prevent back pain and rheumatic pain. Beds are not suitable to be placed under beams and columns to prevent nervousness

4. Study decoration Feng Shui

the study should be selected in the prosperous position at home. The kitchen in the study should not be too high, and the desk should not have a sense of oppression. The desk should not be placed under the beam. At the same time, the light in the study should not be too strong, it is not easy to have too many electrical appliances, and it is not easy to have too many portraits, so as not to make people insane

5. Wedding room decoration Feng Shui

there are three pages in total. The first page 123 the next page wedding room decoration is the first step for many newlyweds to pursue a happy life. In the process of wedding room decoration, the first thing is to choose a auspicious day to start decoration, so as not to leave future troubles. On the wall decoration of the wedding room, it is not easy to put travel photos on the wall, so as to prevent the loss of spring and bad luck. And the wedding gifts are uncomfortable. If they are placed in the wedding room, it will be bad for the new couple. In addition, when decorating and placing plants in the newlyweds' house, the ones with large leaves should be selected, and the ones with sharp leaves should be avoided. There is also a new bedroom can not be placed in the aquarium

four stresses on housing decoration and Feng Shui

Feng Shui taboo for home decoration 1.

if the balcony is facing the door or kitchen, the curtain can be pulled up for a long time as a barrier. Don't face the balcony directly when entering and leaving the gate, which forms the so-called "heart piercing". It is not easy to accumulate money at home, and there are many things to lose money. Solution: make a porch cabinet to block between the door and the balcony, place a fish tank at the entrance of the door, and make a balcony window to block the balcony or plant potted plants and climbing vine plants. It is also a feasible method to pull the curtain for a long time

Feng Shui taboo for home decoration II.

if the couch is placed under the beam, the decoration of the ceiling can block its shock force. The couch and bed cannot be placed under the beam. For a long time, people who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to disease and pain. Solution: the couch and bed should not be placed under the beam or wrapped up with decoration, so that they are not exposed

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 3.

if you hit a person who avoids water, you can't put a fish tank at home. It's not as recognized by the outside world. As long as you put a fish tank, you can make money. Residents should be clear about the five elements, and those with special taboos should be avoided at home. Solution: check the five elements of happiness and taboos of residents in the perpetual calendar. Those who have taboos at home should avoid placing items with this attribute

home decoration Feng Shui taboo 4.

do not install open mirrors at home at will to avoid damaging the indoor magnetic field. Sometimes, in order to show the extension effect, the interior likes to use a bright mirror for decoration, but it is best not to install a large mirror in the bedroom, which will make the magnetic field of the self-centered person in it disordered due to reflection. Solution: if you must install a mirror, it is also appropriate to install it on one wall. Don't install it on both sides, causing reflection. Or use home decoration cloth to make a curtain to cover it

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many people raise green plants indoors not to purify the air, but for Feng Shui. So what are the indoor Feng Shui plants? Now let's take stock of the common indoor geomantic green plants and their geomantic effects. You can learn about them

I. what are the indoor green plants

cactus, cactus, Chlorophytum comosum, rose, tulip, tulip king, lily, Calla Lily, Fugui bamboo, Penglai pine, cactus, luohansong, Aesculus, palm bamboo, fortune tree, Clivia, bulbus, orchid, cyclamen, citrus, Nest Fern, dragon blood tree, mangosteen flower, asparagus, Fugui bamboo, Ivy, etc.

II Common indoor geomantic plants and their geomantic effects

(I) plants that can have the effect of thriving:

1 Money tree: its scientific name is Yanzi. Its leaves are round and plump. It is easy to grow and has strong vitality. It absorbs external gold and is very conducive to transporting wealth for the family

2. pachira macrocarpa; Also known as peanut tree, it is characterized by stout stems, long and green leaves, tolerant and easy to grow, and full of vitality

? 3. Evergreen: belonging to Araceae, it has thick stems, thick leaves, green color and strong vitality. The big leaves of evergreen leaf stretch out like fat palms, receiving Qi and blessing outwards, which has a strong and prosperous effect on home feng shui. Therefore, the bigger the leaves of evergreen leaf, the better, and should remain green and evergreen

4. Money tree: with tall leaves and dark green color, it is a shade plant with a very rich atmosphere

5. Iron tree: also known as dragon blood tree, the most popular on the market is the mud planted Ba tie tree. The leaves of the iron tree are long and narrow, with yellow spots in the center. The iron tree means to be strong and replenish the blood of the house. It is an important thriving plant

6. Brown bamboo: its stem is thin, and its leaves are narrow and long: it is named for its trunk like palm and leaves like bamboo. Brown bamboo is planted on the balcony, which can ensure the safety of the house

7. Rubber tree: Indian rubber tree, with straight trunk, thick and glossy leaves, strong fecundity and easy to plant, suitable for outdoor and indoor planting

(II) plants that can rush to the top and protect the house:

1 Jade Unicorn: the keel grows upward, while the jade Unicorn stretches horizontally. Its shape is like a stone mountain, which is stable and powerful, and has the effect of stabilizing the house

2. Azalea: that is, Pueraria lobata, whose flower color is like azalea, and whose flowers and leaves are dense and prickly. It is easy to grow, and it is also a good chemical evil plant

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