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Yashilan seamless wall cloth wants to bring you detached artistic conception, simple and comfortable beauty, and different "Buddhist life"

not long ago, a fifth grade student in Nanjing, you Yixuan's composition became popular on the Internet

a few simple words pierced the silent collapse of adults:

my name is you Yixuan. I want to be a carpenter when I grow up. If you have sugar, I still want to eat it

maybe I don't need to be admitted to Harvard or Peking University, as long as I'm happy

people are chosen as "useless people" before they show their talents

not everyone can stay in the corner. The flowers in the corner are as fragrant. I'm the one hiding in the corner

such a thorough understanding made netizens praise it repeatedly

it makes people laugh

actually "e; Buddhism " It is not only an attitude to life, but also gradually evolved into a home style, which has been integrated into our life. Next, let me take you to understand what is called a Buddhist family ~

Buddhist living room

Buddhist living room is mostly made of Yashi Lan light wood and light yellow wall cloth, with low saturation natural colors. Log furniture, cotton and linen sofa, pottery and rattan products are often used indoors. Their natural and simple materials make the space more simple and comfortable

yashilan e3-5328

Buddhist restaurant

the fast-paced and high-intensity urban life makes people eager to return home, and what meets them is a quiet and relaxing harbor. The simple and peaceful Buddhist restaurant, coupled with yashilan gray and light gray wall cloth, gives you a comfortable dining environment and allows you to enjoy a comfortable private space

yashilan e5-5506

Buddhist teahouse

having tea in spring, stealing half a day's leisure. Make a pot of tea that has slowed down, or read, or stay for a while. In the Buddhist tea room, with the tranquil yashilan plain wall cloth and ink fragrance, it's not happy and beautiful to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with friends

yashilan e5-5423

yashilan endows your home,

gentle and graceful,

courtyards and pavilions like ink landscape paintings,

waterside pavilions, carved flowers, rocks and trees,

winding roads lead to secluded places,

quiet and quiet

I believe our lovely and careful friends have found that whether it's the Buddhist living room, restaurant or tea room, they can't do without our simple and clean wall cloth ~

yashilan wants to bring you a detached artistic conception, simple and comfortable beauty, which is different from the "Buddhist life"

yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills. Guided by art and supported by process innovation, it aims to create a colorful bubble legend, inherit jacquard classics, and create embroidery brilliance. It will raise the seamless wall fabric to the height of art, and provide diversified artistic wall fabric products for people who pursue quality life

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