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Common faults and troubleshooting of down the hole drill

1 fault: the force of the combiner is not enough to slip

cause: excessive wear or fragmentation of the friction plate Compression spring failure or fracture

Troubleshooting: replace the friction plate or replace the spring

2 fault: the coupling heating elastic ring is excessively worn

cause: the coaxiality difference between the power machine and the clutch assembly

Troubleshooting: improve the assembly coaxiality

3 fault: the winch band brake slips

cause: there is oil stain on the inner surface of the band brake

Troubleshooting: clean the inner surface of the band brake

cause: the gap between the band brake and the brake wheel Improper adjustment

Troubleshooting: adjust appropriately

4 fault: no oil or insufficient oil after the oil pump is started

cause: insufficient oil in the oil tank or no oil

Troubleshooting: refuel to the oil level gauge line

cause: filter blockage

Troubleshooting: clean or replace the filter

cause: the oil tank is airtight

Troubleshooting: check whether the vent hole of the oil tank is blocked

cause: the oil suction pipe joint is loose Intake air

Troubleshooting: tighten the pipe joint

5 fault: oil pump heating

cause: oil pump wear

Troubleshooting: repair or replace oil pump

cause: oil viscosity is too high or too low

Troubleshooting: use oil according to the instructions

cause: poor oil pump transmission

Troubleshooting: improve assembly accuracy

6 fault: hydraulic system oil temperature is too high

cause: too little oil in the oil tank

Troubleshooting: add oil to the oil level gauge line

cause: the oil pump is damaged

Troubleshooting: repair or replace the oil pump

cause: the selection of the oil pump is unreasonable

Troubleshooting: reasonably select the working pump

cause: the oil pump works under too high pressure

Troubleshooting: select the working pressure according to the instructions

7 fault: hydraulic system

cause: the oil pump is empty or has insufficient oil suction

Troubleshooting: refer to See 4

cause: oil pump or system heating

Troubleshooting: see 5 and 6. Intelligent composite materials will play an increasingly important role in some important utilization and industries

8 fault: insufficient pressure in hydraulic system

cause: overflow (pressure regulating) valve spring fatigue

elimination method: adjust its limit nut or replace the spring

cause: overflow (pressure regulating) Valve seat cone valve is damaged or stuck

Troubleshooting: remove the pressure regulating valve sleeve for inspection and troubleshooting

cause: hydraulic components or pipelines leak oil

Troubleshooting: check components and pipeline maintenance

cause: there is air in the system

Troubleshooting: exhaust, And check the cause of air intake and eliminate

9 fault: oil generates foam

cause: insufficient oil in the oil tank

troubleshooting method: add oil to the oil level gauge line

cause: there is too much water in the oil

troubleshooting method: use oil as required

cause: the oil pump suction pipe leaks

troubleshooting method: tighten the joint or replace the seal

cause: there is air in the system

troubleshooting 5 Displacement sensor and force value our Jinan experimental machine factory has the courage to promise, innovate and act as a sensor. Liquidation method: exhaust, and eliminate the fault after checking the cause of air intake:

10: the hydraulic card can instantly measure and record the characteristics of materials in the process of impact, and the curve disc cannot be opened.

reason: the pressure of the hydraulic system is insufficient.

troubleshooting method: adjust the pressure of the overflow (pressure regulating) valve.

11 fault: crawling occurs when the drill moves back and forth, Vibration

cause: there is air in the moving oil cylinder of the drilling rig

troubleshooting method: Reciprocating exhaust

cause: pipeline oil leakage

troubleshooting method: inspection, maintenance

cause: mechanical jam

troubleshooting method: inspection, maintenance

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