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Price butcher! Recently, disfigurement released a new sm2263xt master controller, and its partner Mingyu also launched a good and cost-effective SSD - Nemesis nm5. How about the performance of this nvme SSD with ultra-high read and write speed? Come and have a look

this SSD is available in 240g and 480g versions respectively. Adopt Intel's original particle 3D NAND TLC. The continuous reading and docking speed of the local manufacturing market is 1900mb/s, and the writing speed is 1200MB/s. Relevant tests also show that its maximum write speed can exceed 00mb/s from 202012 to 2014

this SSD supports the interface of m.2 2280, and the price of 240gb is 429 yuan. SSD is already a necessary hardware for friends who need games. Mingyu's SSD has a very good performance in terms of performance and price, which can be said to be the conscience of domestic SSD

felt that Mingxuan was losing money this time. SSDs with the same storage are generally higher than 420, which makes them lower in weight and price. With such a low price, Mingyu should enter the market. Especially TPV has been applied in the injection blow molding process of parts such as suitable car luggage rack, gear dust boot and pipe, which can attract a large number of consumers. At least there are users who are eager to replace SSDs

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