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Since July, many places in China have been hit by heavy rainfall. For some areas, the risk of geological disasters such as Shiliu landslide is also increasing. How to accurately and quickly warn geological disasters has become an important issue

it is understood that Jiangxi Province has been hit by rare heavy rainfall recently, causing floods of varying degrees in Dongxiang County, Yongjing county and Jishishan County of Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture. In order to prevent mud caused by rainstorm, because most printed electronic components rely on organic materials, Shiliu landslide, local staff installed zh4 landslide monitoring and early warning extensometer at the crack of shanhonggou. The landslide early warning extensometer is mainly used to monitor landslides and cracks. When the cracks expand, the early warning instrument will alarm immediately. After the vacuum friction and wear tester gave an alarm, the inspector reported to the village and township governments and organized technicians to inspect the scene

it is precisely because of the use of the early warning extensometer. 2. It is stable. In the several landslide disasters after the flood, the staff checked in time, and no casualties occurred

in addition to the use of monitoring and early warning telescopes, there are many places where comprehensive monitoring and no alarm devices are used in the early warning of geological disasters. This is a kind of monitoring instrument that can start the audible and visual alarm at the first time when the rock mass shows signs of displacement and cracking, and automatically send the early warning signal to the monitoring department. Generally, the alarm can be equipped with five wireless sensors, with a maximum transmission distance of 5 kilometers, which can automatically locate

as a great hazard, many departments and institutions have already begun to study natural disasters. Since 2007, the hydrogeological and environmental geological survey center of the China Geological Survey has begun the research on the projects of "research and demonstration of monitoring technology for group monitoring and prevention of geological disasters" and "remote monitoring and early warning of typical gully type debris flow"

the research team has developed more than 20 kinds of geological disaster monitoring instruments for geological disaster prone counties (cities) such as Yunnan and Sichuan, mainly including landslide early warning extensometer, crack alarm, multi parameter acquisition and transmission instrument, laser multi-point displacement monitoring and evaluation material fatigue and anti-wear performance tester, automatic displacement monitoring, magnetostrictive multi-point displacement monitor, automatic monitoring and alarm device of earth sound, debris flow monitoring, water content monitor Tilt warning instrument, automatic transmission warning, debris flow video automatic monitoring alarm device, etc

as an important part of the industry, monitoring instruments play an extremely prominent role in, geological disasters, industrial production and other aspects, ensuring the normal operation of people's production and life. According to the statistics of the geological disaster emergency management department of natural resources supplement, a total of 219 geological disasters were successfully predicted nationwide in this month, avoiding 16891 casualties and 590million yuan of direct economic losses. Among them, various monitoring instruments have made great contributions

with the development of technology, more and more advanced monitoring instruments and unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with monitoring instruments are being developed to better monitor geological disasters. Recently, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province has deployed 200 professional monitoring instruments to monitor hidden danger points. The monitoring data can be transmitted to professional units through the information platform for accurate analysis and judgment, so as to minimize accidents. In the future, we will see more advanced and accurate monitoring instruments to monitor the occurrence of geological disasters to the greatest extent and reduce the harm caused thereby

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