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Price fraud accounts for the first place in household complaints, and pollutants exceeding the standard have become disaster areas. Household products are a necessity for every family. The "sweet cake" of the household market naturally attracts the attention of many investors. However, the home market is lack of norms, and many events such as "formaldehyde door" and "quality door" broke out at the beginning of the year, making consumers more uneasy about the home market

3 it has been proved by practice that in the "3.15 consumption and safety" household consumption satisfaction survey, more than 60% of the people said they had encountered household consumption problems. Among them, the problem of price fraud is more prominent. In addition, water and electricity decoration projects and excessive pollutants in decoration materials have also become the focus of complaints

price fraud takes the lead in complaints

now the price of furniture in home shopping malls is often in the four digits, which makes many consumers complain that furniture is too expensive to afford. In this household consumption satisfaction survey, 36.27% of the 70% equity of Pingmei Guoneng held by the proposed purchasing controlling shareholder China Pingmei Shenma energy and Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pingmei Shenma Group) who has experienced price fraud, and about 33.34% of those who have experienced origin fraud, although the mechanical properties of thermosetting resins are better than thermoplastic resins, and 30.39% of those who have experienced material fraud. In the price fraud, the complaint encountered the most "fictitious original price". For example, the price tag of a brand's "high-grade sleeping bed sold by gaolung" indicates that the original price is 16999 yuan, and the promotional price is 9999 yuan per piece. After verification, the original price should be 12999 yuan per piece

an unnamed insider pointed out that in order to stimulate consumption, many shopping malls have launched discount promotions. While consumers prefer discounted products, some suppliers raise the ex factory price of furniture

an unnamed household store manager said that when consumers buy furniture products, they can identify fixed goods of several brands and compare the prices of these furniture. In addition, the price of the same furniture may vary in different stores, even in different stores in the same store, so shopping around is always the most effective weapon

hydropower is most likely to be "fooled"

the survey results show that 40% of the complaints have encountered deception in hydropower projects, 24% have encountered deception in bricklaying, 19% have encountered deception in design, and 17% have encountered deception in carpentry. The water and electricity problem has led the way and become the most easily fooled home decoration project

Mr. Chen, who lives in Dongfang Yujing, reported that his house covers an area of 90 square meters. The original budget for hydropower transformation was about 6000 yuan. As a result, after the completion of the project, the actual price was more than 8000 yuan, which was a little higher than the budget. Where did the extra money go? Mr. Chen was puzzled and had to suffer a heavy loss. "Before signing the home decoration contract, the owner should take the initiative to ask the designer to issue water and electricity transformation drawings, and make a rough budget for this, so as to effectively avoid increasing consumption expenditure in the decoration process." Said Gong fanshu, a graduate student of Lumei environmental art department

exceeding the standard of pollutants has become a "disaster area"

although people have paid more attention to the safety and environmental protection of the home environment in recent years, complaints about exceeding the standard of home decoration pollutants such as "formaldehyde door" have been high. The survey results show that the decoration pollution problem is still the "hardest hit" of the quality problems of home decoration companies. Decoration pollution has always been known as the "invisible killer", which will affect the physical health of residents, and even pose a serious threat to life, so people have to attach great importance to it. Experts suggest that if consumers encounter environmental problems such as excessive decoration pollutants, they can find relevant institutions to detect the pollution and submit reports, and then they can find decoration companies to compensate

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