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Preview introduced the UK's first composite printing workstation

creative design and digital printing company preview recently became the UK's first printing enterprise to print contract samples using the star proof remote printing workstation of composite system

compose system installed this remote system for two customers of preview company, and upgraded the star proof of preview company to the latest version

Chris coughla, general manager of preview, said that the scope and depth of the new system even exceeded the original imagination of the outside world. He was very surprised at the speed of the new system. It only took 12 minutes to compress a 300 MB sample to 60MB and complete the transmission

Kevin caughtry, UK sales director of compose system, said: it was difficult for us to transmit TIFF files of 1-bit in the past, but now plastic flexible packaging materials have made rapid development. With the improvement of file compression technology and network speed, this problem has been well solved

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