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Vito participated in SIAF 2016, boosting the transformation of "smart manufacturing in China"

on March, 2016 China Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition kicked off in Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. Rittal brought advanced industrial automation system solutions at this exhibition to help promote the transformation of Chinese enterprises to China's smart manufacturing and promote the new material industry to achieve new breakthroughs

the essential goal of both industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 is to achieve intelligent automatic production. As a practitioner of industry 4.0, Rittal has brought the classic system solution Rittal the system to this exhibition, which has provided customers from all walks of life with chassis and cabinet systems, temperature control systems, power distribution component systems, it infrastructure and services in automatic production worldwide, It accelerates the process of users' intelligent production

blue e+ temperature control system, the third innovative temperature control technology on display, was unveiled at Guangzhou Automation Exhibition for the first time. This series of products has ultra-high energy. Due to the difference between the physical, mechanical, electrical, compressive creep and other properties of its materials and AA (8000) conductor aluminum alloy, energy saving can reach up to 75%; Safe, flexible and humanized design brings more value-added value chains to users in the field of automation. In addition, in order to meet the new needs of the intelligent automation market, Rittal's strategic AE compact box series is also the promotion focus of this exhibition. Its advantages of modularization and standardization have been widely used in all walks of life. Its high quality and high price always feel that these things can be compared by anyone and win the unanimous praise of users

the implementation of made in China 2025 plan is bound to inject new vitality into the automation industry. Rittal's new customer value chain of Rittal the system products + software + services based on German industry 4.0 has made real efforts in the transformation from made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China through innovative system solutions and products

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