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Prices in Beijing and Shanghai fell by more than 35%: realize "crayfish freedom"

recently, Xinhua and hungry word-of-mouth jointly released the "crayfish discovery report in the night economy", which showed that since the beginning of summer, the night economy has boomed and developed everywhere, and crayfish has become the main growth aspect of the night economy. However, the price of crayfish did not rise, but fell against the trend, making the price more people-friendly and tastes more diverse

the report shows that under the same standard product, the unit price of late night crayfish in nearly 90% of China's provinces this summer has decreased year-on-year in 2018, especially in Beijing and Shanghai, with a decrease of more than 35%. Consumers in Beijing and Shanghai took the lead in realizing "the initial selection of crayfish from the project site"

the "crayfish freedom" of eating whatever you want has led to the rapid growth of orders for crayfish at night. The report shows that Hebei, Gansu, Guizhou and other provinces that used to be "cold" to crayfish, the growth rate of crayfish orders this summer exceeded the national average speed by more than 1.8 times. Among them, the year-on-year growth rate of Hebei crayfish orders is 2.51 times that of the country, ranking first in the country. At the same time, in sharp contrast to the price reduction of crayfish, shrimp is cheaper, but diners spend more

the export amount changes greatly in each month. The report points out that this summer, crawfish tastes more diverse, including 10 kinds of flavors, such as low-power spicy, garlic, durian, pineapple, pickled cabbage, curry, tea and so on. Among them, Hunan people have a special preference for tea flavored crayfish, and their late night consumption of tea flavored crayfish accounts for 42% of the country's late night consumption. In short, the excellent performance of phenolic foam although northeast people like pickled cabbage best, pickled cabbage crayfish is the exclusive taste of Fujian people. Hubei people have brought their love for durian to crayfish, consuming 50% of durian crayfish in the country late at night

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