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Price breakthrough the glass market began to pick up

as a home building material product in the lower reaches of real estate, with the beginning of the traditional real estate sales season of "golden nine and silver ten", there is often a "marketing war" and "price war". So, for the glass industry, what is the sales market like? After visiting the middle and low-end building materials markets such as Jiahe Jiamei and Meilian Tiandi near Shilihe, the East Third Ring Road in Beijing, and the relatively high-end home of the North Fourth Ring Road, it was found that although it was in late September, close to the national day of the "National Day", many businesses chose to "keep a low profile" to deal with it, and did not find any advertisements and banners related to the price reduction of products, and the activities of the building materials market itself were not fully opened

walking into Meilian Tiandi, Jiahe and Jiamei, we found that the passenger flow on weekends has not changed much compared with that on weekdays. The price reduction information of businesses' products is simply marked on the original label. Moreover, businesses do not have any labels. Consumers need to ask whether there is a discount. For the bathroom series, the shower room with tempered glass is basically 50% - 70% off the original price. "Now the consumer group who choose this kind of shower room is gradually expanding. The price difference of these products is mainly reflected in the difference between hardware accessories, which has little to do with the glass itself. The discount activity has just begun in these two days. During the National Day holiday, it is basically this price, and there will be no greater change. The market itself has not been notified of holiday activities." Meilian hi tech hired a bathroom brand salesperson from Tiandi to mention. The situation in the incredibly home is also very similar. During the festival, shopping malls will implement a 8.8% discount policy, and businesses will also launch several special products that do not participate in the event

in terms of art glass, stores in the market basically do not discount products. The price of art glass varies from a few hundred yuan to a thousand yuan according to different patterns, shallow carving, deep carving and other carving methods. However, the high price did not take advantage of the festival to sell at a low price. "The cost of our products is relatively high, and there is basically no room for discount. In addition to following the mall activities, we will not discount ourselves." Lang Xiang Mingli's salesperson said

the price reduction of door and window products, which are most closely related to glass products, is not very large. In Jiahe Jiamei and Meilian Tiandi, the price of door and window products is reduced by 100% from the original price. "Our products of each series, including hardware, are reduced by 100% from the original price." German bononi door and window salesperson said, "but before and after the 'National Day', we give a set of hardware accessories worth 380 yuan to customers who buy windows with an area of 10 square meters." In the relatively high-end home, some products with prices ranging from 3000 yuan to 4000 yuan can be reduced to about 1000 yuan through special offers

consumers' brand awareness is gradually increasing

"at present, for the glass industry, brand factors have a certain impact on the sales and price positioning of glass. Taking our province as an example, the positioning and price of excellent brands or very loud brands in the province have always been in the front line." Xia Weiwen, Deputy Secretary General of Zhejiang Glass Association, said

through the visit to the building materials market, it is also found that the brand attraction is gradually influencing the consumer groups. The manufacturer's name is marked with Germany and Hong Kong, or its process equipment comes from foreign countries, or it is a joint venture with Germany and other countries, which is favored by buyers in the building materials market. The domestic famous brand products have more advantages in price, and customers have been asking for details

"although the price of wooden window products in this company is relatively high, the brand is excellent, the products have many options, and the production process is very advanced, which is still worth considering." Mr. Liu, who is inquiring in the shop of Jiabao doors and windows, said. It is found that compared with some brands with wooden windows priced within 1500 yuan/square meter, the products of this store are basically more than 2000 yuan K) display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process;, There are also products higher than 5000 yuan. "This aluminum clad wood door and window with flat opening and hanging is equipped with glass from CSG, and the price is 5888 yuan. It will be discounted by 8.80% during the festival." The salesperson said, "the reason for the high price is that it uses three glass and two hollow glass, including one layer of Low-E glass; and the other is that our hardware accessories are imported from Germany." Subsequently, the salesperson also introduced wood selection, hardware equipment, paint spraying and other aspects, showing the competitive advantages of international brands

this kind of big brand awareness is also common in the bathroom industry. The intelligent bathroom series of oulusha, one of China's top ten bathroom brands located in the incredibly home, has also been constantly consulted by consumers. "Our glass is tempered glass with excellent performance. Now the special price products during the event can be reduced by about 4000 yuan." The salesperson said. In addition to seizing the brand advantage, oulusha also held lottery activities through the combination of, officials, portal stations and other ways to give customers a new experience

"for float glass, the brand has little impact, because it needs deep processing in the final application process. But for deep processing of glass, the effect is relatively wide, which is also the focus of end customers. When glass downstream enterprises choose glass, they will pay some attention to the brand." Huang shaota, Secretary General of Guangdong Glass Association, said

the development of the industry situation is gradually heating up

"from the macro level, the situation of the glass industry this year is not very good, with problems such as overcapacity, lack of bank funds, insufficient market consumption, etc. but from the micro level, from our sales perspective, the situation is still good. It can be said that production and sales are booming, and production and sales are relatively balanced." Fan Jianxiang, general manager of Shahe Dejin Glass Co., Ltd., said when referring to the sales situation, "the price of our products has risen since mid July, and the rise rate is very fast. Compared with 2011 and 2012, the price has increased by about 10% or more."

after the industry cold wave in 2012, many industry insiders have been afraid to estimate where the industry will go in 2013. However, more than half of 2013 has surprised them a lot. "Since last month, the prices of raw glass and deep processed glass in Guangdong Province have been rising. According to market needs, the increase ranges of different varieties are different. The overall situation is better than last year, and the profit has increased by 10% to 15% year-on-year." Huang shaota said, "after last year, everyone thought that the situation would be worse this year, but the actual situation was better. But we still dare not say that this is a recovery, but only a phased increase in demand."

Zhejiang Province is another case. "From 2011 to now, the best development of the glass industry in Zhejiang Province is 2011, with many orders and exciting market. Although the overall situation this year has rebounded, it is not much different from 2012." Xia Weiwen said, "this year, the price of the original glass is rising, which is also a manifestation of the rebound in the value of the glass itself. However, due to the market situation of oversupply, the price of deep-processing glass is declining. Especially in the first half of the year, the market size and order situation are relatively hovering. But it has slightly warmed up in the past two months."

in the market, in addition to the use of ultra white glass and tempered glass in doors and windows, shower rooms, etc., art glass is opening the door to consumers like a new army. "The price of art glass itself will be relatively high, and the industry is now facing some difficulties. The main reason is that the cost is rising, but the sales price of products has not increased." Zhang Zhanyou, general manager of Guangdong yiyouming Glass Industry Co., Ltd., said, "Due to the regulation of the state on the real estate industry, the purchase of art glass in the commercial retail housing market is relatively limited, and the rigid demand market can not reach this consumption level. However, in commercial real estate, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings and other fields, art glass is still quite popular. Compared with previous years, the demand for the application of art glass in commercial real estate is rising, while the retail building materials of commercial housing is declining."

"unlike consumer goods, glass is an industrial product, and the holiday will not affect the price. It will only be affected by factors such as real estate regulation and market cycle." Xia Weiwen said, "in the future, with the promotion of green building work, energy-saving standards for windows and doors will be improved, which will also promote the glass industry, especially deep-processing glass."

how should glass enterprises develop and occupy the market in the future. Zhang Zhanyou said, "with the change of sales mode, it is impossible to rely solely on state support. If enterprises want to obtain more orders, they must upgrade their products, constantly innovate, and improve the technical content and added value of products." ABS glass fiber reinforced material has many advantages such as high rigidity, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, excellent processing performance, etc.

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