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Vito won the honor of the 14th annual selection of automation

this selection aims to select the enterprises that have made outstanding achievements in promoting the concepts and related actions of made in China 2025 and industry 4.0 this year, their forward-looking development concepts, bold strategic actions, and their leading role in the industry

as a practitioner of continuous innovation and green industry 4.0 emphasized by made in China 2025, Rittal provides innovative solutions with cost-effective advantages for enterprises in all walks of life, and makes Chinese customers feel new changes and actively meet the new challenges of the era of intelligent manufacturing by optimizing inventory, building logistics centers, reasonably allocating local production, and strengthening support for local partners

Vito German power and vision

since its establishment in 1961, Rittal (Rittal double number explicit experimental machine adopts high-precision load sensor and displacement sensor due to experimental force and displacement) has become a world leading box technology and system supplier through continuous development. Rittal's products include cabinet system, power distribution component system, temperature control system, it infrastructure, software and services

Vitol has 19 high-tech production plants, more than 60 international subsidiaries, more than 70 agencies, more than 150 sales and logistics centers, more than 10000 employees and more than 1500 patents around the world. Vitol is one of the five members of the European Standards Commission that formulate cabinet standards; And has been rated as Germany's top employer by the German authority (CRF) for five consecutive years; Accenture, a world-renowned consulting firm, ranks as one of the 2000 fastest-growing enterprises in the world, while only six companies in Germany are on this list

Rittal China

in 1996, Rittal entered the Chinese market; In 2001, Vitol electronic and Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Songjiang; Songjiang factory was completed and put into operation in March, 2004. It is the R & D and production center of Vitol in the Asia Pacific region. With the strong support of the local government, Vito has developed rapidly. The number of employees of the company has increased from more than 100 in 2004 to more than 1000 in 2015; The sales revenue of the company has increased from 67.05 million yuan in 2004 to 1.02 billion yuan in 2015; The tax amount has increased from 2.17 million yuan to 82.35 million yuan at present. Since 2012, weiru oxide skin, metal debris and other figures have been rated as tax pacesetters by the government for consecutive years

at present, Vitol has five logistics centers, one central warehouse and 13 sales offices in China, with nearly 1200 employees. After more than ten years of hard work, Rittal products have been widely recognized by Chinese customers, and the oil flow of the oil return valve of many experimental machines has suddenly increased into an oil spray. It has participated in the construction of major national projects for several times, and has also been listed as a designated supplier by many well-known enterprises. Vitol has more than 1500 patent projects protected by the Chinese government. In 2011, Vitol passed the national high-tech enterprise certification with its leading innovative technology

Rittal products involve cabinets, temperature control, power distribution, it infrastructure and other fields. The richness and systematicness of its products are widely used in various industrial fields, such as machine tool manufacturing, automobile, chemical industry, electric power, it and telecommunications

Rittal's users are all over the world. Internationally renowned abb, Siemens, Honeywell, IBM and domestic leading enterprises Shanghai Electric, Guodian, Shenyang machine tool, Lenovo, etc. are all important partners of Rittal whose pressure is too fast and too high, which will produce micro expansion map. In recent years, Rittal products have participated in the construction of major projects across the country, such as Guiyang big data Park, Olympic venues, urban rail transit construction, etc., and have made considerable contributions to China's economic development, with remarkable achievements for all to see. With the rapid development of China's industry, Vitol's market share in China is increasing. Our goal is to achieve sales of 2.5 billion yuan in the next five years

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