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From now on to December 31, Rittal has launched a strong year-end product promotion, and many high-quality Rittal products are waiting for you. Download the product list immediately, dial the promotion transfer 234


from Germany HE1 is like a small piece of ssen. The specific tolerance value is affirmed by the basic size range. Rittal GmbH of Herborn has developed into an international company since its establishment in 1961. Today Rittal has 10 After a long conversation with manager yuan of our company, more than 000 standard products that can be supplied immediately have become the world's leading system supplier of box technology and control cabinet technology, a popular partner in the field of industrial and mechanical equipment manufacturing, and an innovator in the market fields of it and telecommunications. Rittal insists on facing the future and provides a wide range of solutions, after-sales service and consulting services

Rittal's product system includes control cabinet system, electronic component installation box, cabinet how to buy universal testing machine air conditioning series, power distribution components, it solutions and communication system

Rittal supplies products worldwide through its 19 high-tech production plants, 60 subsidiaries, 150 sales and logistics centers and 70 agencies. In Rittal, Germany, there are 22 sales and service centers to provide comprehensive services for users. Rittal has 8900 employees worldwide and is the largest company in the friedhelmlohgroup group. LOH group has more than 10.600 employees worldwide

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