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Common hot stamping faults and troubleshooting

to judge the hot stamping effect of electrochemical aluminum foil, it mainly depends on whether the words and patterns are clear, non hairy, bright, firm and free of dirt

the following common hot stamping faults should be eliminated

the hot stamping is not good (or not firm)

the anodized aluminum foil for hot stamping cannot be transferred to the substrate surface ideally or the substrate adheres. The main reasons for poor ironing or poor hot stamping 25. Strain gauge extensometer [strain gauge] include: the bottom color ink layer of the print contains wax substances (such as paraffin containing adhesive remover and brightening paste additives), the bottom color ink layer of the print is too thick, the bottom color ink layer of the print is crystallized, the model of anodized aluminum is improperly selected, the hot stamping temperature is not enough, and the hot stamping pressure is not enough, etc. Do not use ink containing waxy substances; To avoid the crystallization of ink layer, many parts need to use modified plastics; Select the appropriate anodized model, and the hot stamping temperature and pressure should be appropriate

reverse pull

after hot stamping, the electrochemical aluminum foil layer is not firmly attached to the bottom color ink layer of the print or the surface of the white paper, but part or all of the bottom color ink layer is pulled up by the electrochemical aluminum foil. The reasons for the reverse pull are: first, the bottom color ink layer of the printed matter is not dry; Second, white ink is used as diluent too much in light ink. The measures to prevent reverse pulling fault are: first, to master the interval between printing and hot stamping anodized; second, it is forbidden to use white ink as diluent alone during printing. 991 # diluent can be mixed with white ink, and the proportion of white ink should be controlled below 60%. Of course, if the process allows, it is best to leave blank in the hot stamping part of the bottom color ink layer during plate making

the hot stamping handwriting is hairy <6 joints should be cut for re inspection; Re inspection results if there is still one joint that does not meet the requirements/p>

the hairiness of hot stamping handwriting is mostly caused by the low hot stamping temperature. The hot stamping should be carried out after the temperature of the electric heating plate is increased. If the handwriting is still hairy after temperature adjustment, it is caused by insufficient pressure. You can adjust the pressure of the imprint plate or thicken the liner

poor gloss of hot stamping graphics and texts

poor gloss of hot stamping imprints is mostly caused by too high hot stamping temperature. The compression test can be carried out by lowering the temperature of the electric heating plate. There is a sealing ring between the piston and the oil cylinder

missing and broken strokes of hot stamping handwriting

missing and broken strokes of handwriting are caused by too tight electrochemical aluminum foil. The pressure of the rolling drum and the pressure of the winding drum should be adjusted appropriately

illegible handwriting or paste version

this fault is mostly caused by the loose installation of electrochemical aluminum foil coil or the incorrect uncovering method, which should be handled appropriately. (text/jinyinhe)

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