The hottest price approaches 1350 with the oil mar

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With the oil market warehouse receipt index approaching 1350

[transaction express] the market closed at 15:00, and the China Plastics warehouse receipt index closed at 1349.77 points, up 10.90 points from the previous trading day

the positive pole of futures oil for five consecutive days greatly stimulated the bullish confidence in the warehouse receipt market. Today, the market got out of the consolidation deadlock of last weekend and resumed the rising trend. The composite index was close to 1350 points. In the morning opening, the two main warehouse receipts opened slightly higher, then oscillated higher, and the rise slowly expanded until the end of the day closed sharply positive; The three varieties traded in the afternoon were generally higher and lower after opening, but the range was not large, and the final market was still up across the board. From the perspective of the disk situation, today's trading was active, with many positions closed and stop losses and short-term profit-making operations in the session, and PP double volume increased, leading the overall situation again. On the whole, the market mentality has improved significantly today, and the bullish sentiment has been supported. If there is no major turning factor in the short term, it is very likely to continue to rise

15:00 closing, the settlement prices of ab0701, hd0701, ll0703, pp0703 and pvc0701 were 1 respectively, making the total angle of sample twists and turns about 180 ° 5564, 12972, 12833, 12607 and 6510 yuan/ton, up and down from the previous trading day, with 17 deformation measurement ranges of 0.2% ⑴ 00% fn+3, +85, +57, +112 and +10 points respectively. A total of 33840 tons were traded in the market today, an increase of 9415 tons over the previous trading day of GB 4351; The total order was 71495 tons, an increase of 1160 tons over the previous trading day. The specific data of double volume are as follows:

total amount






trading volume







order volume




brand awareness further expanded




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