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Rockwell Automation provides scalable serial code solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

Rockwell Automation provides scalable serial code solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. This scalable, end-to-end platform can be easily integrated into existing production processes, Improve the data visibility level of the entire Internet enterprise

(Milwaukee, January 9, 2017) at present, serial code standards are enforced in many markets, so pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers must track and trace products throughout the production chain according to the specified standards. The newly upgraded serial code solution from Rockwell Automation is a widely used, scalable, end-to-end supply chain platform that can help these manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) meet compliance requirements and bring significant business advantages, such as long-term benefits

based on the latest Rockwell software pharmasuite manufacturing execution system (MES) software, this new serial code solution v4.1 has higher scalability and is applicable to various packaging production line technologies, usually in shipbuilding and production management systems. The integration of control layer and enterprise layer can be easily realized, which means that this solution can be used as a central platform to uniformly manage serial code data and promote the improvement of product traceability level in the whole supply chain

Rockwell Automation's new Logix unit controller and factorytalk view HMI are scalable, allowing enterprises to apply this solution to a variety of delivery methods, including a full set of turnkey solutions and transformation and OEM solutions, which can meet the needs of almost any customer

the unit controller will serve as the connection point between various production lines and various system equipment. In addition to providing serialization, manufacturers can take fault handling and proactive maintenance to a new level by providing the function of viewing the whole process, end-to-end, and providing global visibility from production to distribution

many manufacturers are trying to meet the requirements of serialization, suffering from the failure of the solution to achieve the desired effect, said Valerio frediani, architect of Rockwell Automation serial code solution. With the help of our product portfolio, domain expertise and the global Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program, the solutions we have designed are designed to be customized and easily integrated into any standard architecture of customers and any existing production process

this can not only help manufacturers meet the urgent schedule of regulatory compliance, but also enable them to quickly obtain the business benefits of the application and achieve a tangible return on investment. Our solution can provide seamless interoperability between all devices, information and business systems, so that manufacturers can have corresponding tools to improve production, improve long-term benefits and easily adapt to future production or regulatory changes in the trend of lightweight, intensive and ecological automotive industry, frediani added

this upgraded serial code solution includes a serialization integration gate and multiple pre configured channels for creating orders and exporting epics data, so that it can be easily integrated with customers' systems and directly reduce engineering design costs. The goal of Rockwell Automation is to build a complete pre configured gateway library to promote the specific deployment of cost reduction and business system integration

in addition, the platform is also equipped with manual serialization and manual aggregation workflow, which can help manufacturers run manual packaging operations as a pre validated and optimized tool. About 90% of potential serialized customers use manual processes for unit aggregation and labeling. Rockwell automatic string sensor is an important component that changes the accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine. The line code solution has built-in label design software, which can support Windows Driver printers and user-friendly polymerization workflow, helping these customers simplify the manual polymerization process and further save time and money

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