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Rockwell Automation integrated motion control technology helps OEM manufacturers improve the versatility of case and basket loader with integrated motion control technology from Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation integrated motion control technology helps OEM manufacturers improve the versatility of basket loaders

installation of new control system helps customers easily in Grade robot loader into existing production lines and reduce changeover time

the installation of the new control system helps customers easily match with a high-precision measurement and amplification system to integrate the automatic loader into the existing production line and reduce the conversion time

Milwaukee, Jan. 12, 2006 - in addition to delivering high-speed packaging solutions with robot precision, the VersaPak Gantry Robot series and VersaTrak Collation Conveyors from AMF Automation Technologies provide a high level of flexibility for quick changeovers. Incorporating Allen-Bradley ControlLogix controllers and Ultra Series servo drives, the VersaPak loader and VersaTrak Collation Conveyor make it possible for end users to change load parameters in minutes.

Milwaukee, January 12, 2006 - in addition to releasing high-speed and high-precision packaging solutions, AMF automation technologies' versapak gantry robot series and versatrak collision consultants also provide a high level of flexibility for rapid conversion. Combined with Allen Bradley's ControlLogix controller and Ultra Series servo drive, versapak loader and versatrak collision conveyor enable end users to change load parameters in minutes

"Our customers want machines that offer maximum compatibility and flexibility in installation and changeover," said Timothy Cook, vice president, sales and marketing, AMF Automation Technologies. "The new Allen-Bradley control platform gives customers the competitive advantage of being able to minimize troubleshooting and downtime." The VersaPak Gantry Robot operates at 60 picks per minute and can accommodate products from two to 32-inches long and with payloads up to 100 pounds. The modular design is based on a belt-driven gantry robotic system with fixed motors that can be customized to fit most packaging applications, regardless of layout or product load. The VersaTrak Collation Conveyor accompanies the VersaPak loader with dual servo high-speed indexing and adjustable flight spacing to consistently group packages.

timothy cook, vice president of sales and marketing of AMF automation technology company, pointed out: "What our customers require is a machine that can provide maximum compatibility and flexibility in installation and conversion. The new Allen Bradley control platform allows customers to reduce troubleshooting and downtime. The versapak gantry robot can reach 60 picking per minute, and can adapt to products 2-30 inches long, with a maximum load of 100 pounds. This standard design is based on an automatic mechanical system of drive belt pallet driven by a fixed motor, which is applicable to most Sub packaging applications do not need to consider planning and product load. Versatrak collision conveyor is matched with versapak loader, and has high-speed double servo index of group parcels and adjusted running spacing

The loader uses Allen-Bradley Ultra Series servo drives that integrate seamlessly with ControlLogix controllers through a SERCOS fiber optic interface, simplifying setup, commissioning and diagnostics. The Ultra drives support high resolution feedback encoders, offering optimum system performance.

the loader uses Allen Bradley's Ultra Series servo driver, and seamlessly integrates with the ControlLogix controller through a SERCOS optical eye interface, making installation, debugging and diagnosis simple. Ultra drive supports high-resolution feedback encoder, which provides the best system performance

the versapak is required with an Allen Bradley PanelView plus 700 operator interface and levers Rockwell software. The wear limit of its parts does not exceed 10% of the dimensional tolerance value of the parts. Rslogix 5 needs to be replaced 000 software for both sequential and motion control programming With controllers, software and network devices from Rockwell Automation, the VersaPak and VersaTrak are a fully integrated system that can be added to any control platform with minimal impact on engineering and programming resources. The integrated control platform enhances packaging performance and reduces engineering time because all system control elements not only reside on the same hardware framework, but also within the same controller.

versapak is equipped with Allen Bradley's PanelView plus 700 operation interface, and the Rockwell software rslogix 5000 software is adjusted for the layer and motion control program. Using Rockwell Automation's controllers, software and networking equipment, versapak and versatrak become a fully integrated system that can be added to any control platform, with minimal impact on engineering and program resources. This integrated control platform enhances the packaging capacity and reduces the engineering time, because all system control components are not only in the same hardware framework, but also use the same controller

will also cause a good knife to be sold out. "The open programming and networking capabilities help us meet our customers''''needs for versatile packaging systems that are cost-effective and easy on engineering resources," said cook "Standardized programming and adaptable networking capabilities also complement the loader''''s small size and engineering versatility."

timothy cook pointed out: "the open program and network capabilities help us meet the requirements of customers for a multi-functional packaging system, with high efficiency, low cost and simple engineering resources. Standardized programs and compatible network performance are also complementary to the miniaturization and engineering versatility of loaders."

In addition to a painted finish, the system is available in stainless steel to meet hygienic design standards in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other government-regulated industries.

in addition to coloring and polishing, the stainless steel characteristics of this system also meet the hygienic design standards of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other government regulated industries

Rockwell Automation (NYSE: ROK), is a leading global provider of automation, power, control, and information solutions that help manufacturers achieve a competitive advantage in their businesses. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.A., the company employs about 21,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

Rockwell Automation (nyse: ROK), the world's largest supplier of automation, power, control and information solutions, is committed to helping manufacturers improve their business competitive advantage. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company employs about 21000 people and operates in more than 80 countries around the world

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