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Rockwell participated in the ethernet/ip technology exchange and promotion activities

on April 7, with the rapid development of computer technology, communication network technology and information technology, more and more users in Beijing require industrial automation technology to be more open, integrated and scalable. China electromechanical integration technology application Association held an ethernet/ip standard industrial Ethernet technology exchange and promotion activity in Beijing Xiyuan Hotel today. This activity aims to help customers in the industrial field solve practical problems, improve productivity, establish core competitiveness, widely absorb constructive opinions and suggestions from all parties, deepen mutual understanding among industry associations, manufacturers and customers, and enhance trust and cooperation among all parties, so as to achieve the purpose of common prosperity and common development

more than 300 experts and user representatives from automobile, food and beverage, electric power, chemical industry, water treatment, mining, metallurgy and other industries attended the meeting. At the meeting, Ms. Wang Jun of China Mechatronics Technology Application Association and Mr. Wu Jinliang, sales director of Rockwell Automation Greater China, made enthusiastic and forward-looking speeches respectively. Ms. Wang Jun reviewed the situation of China's machinery industry in 2004 and predicted the development trend in 2005. She pointed out that China's automated manufacturing industry is also in the rapidly changing global market economy, fierce competition and brutal global buyer's market. All industry associations should cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to promote the development of China's industrial automation and make their own contributions to China's economic development

Mr. Wu Jinliang, sales director of Rockwell Automation in Greater China, also stressed at the meeting that the full opening of standard tcp/ip Ethernet technology means that ethernet/ip product suppliers can freely and independently choose any company in the world to develop and produce standard tcp/ip Ethernet ASIC that meets the industrial grade requirements for medical risk waste. In other words, in the development and manufacturing process of ethernet/ip products, Chinese automatic control product suppliers and other global ethernet/ip product suppliers are completely on the same starting line. Considering the advantages of Chinese enterprises in talent and cost, ethernet/ip will be of special significance to Chinese automatic control product suppliers

this event received extensive attention from the industry and attracted the attention of many manufacturers. Participants expressed their strong interest in standard industrial ethernet/ip and related products. On April 27, it is also of great significance to all 3D printing industries. A seminar with the same theme of jaw maintenance of tensile testing machine will also be held in Shanghai, which will bring the world's advanced technological achievements to the technical workers for the bus in East China. Therefore, replacing steel with plastic is one of the important development trends of automobile lightweight. For details, please check

about ethernet/ip

ethernet/ip was jointly launched by two important international organizations ODVA and controlnetinternational in 2000. It is a true standard industrial Ethernet using tcp/ip protocol. Once launched, it has been supported by nearly 100 suppliers around the world. At present, hundreds of ethernet/ip products are available for users to choose, including process controllers, PLC, i/o, frequency converters, soft starters, visual products Bar code scanning equipment, weighing equipment, power intelligent monitoring unit, process bus FF link equipment, switch and connection equipment, and are widely used in various industries such as automobile, food and beverage, electric power, chemical industry, water treatment, mining, metallurgy, building materials and tires. Please inquire for details

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