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2011 is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan and a key year for the reform and development of the publishing industry. Looking back on the coming year, there are many highlights and key points

development plan on April 20, the development plan for the publishing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period was issued. The plan summarizes the achievements of the publishing industry during the 11th Five Year Plan period and describes the blueprint for the development of the publishing industry in the next five years: by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the transformation of the development mode of the publishing industry will be basically in place, the emerging business forms will flourish, and the development of strategic emerging industries such as digital publishing will reach the world advanced level. Publishing products and services are more abundant, and the capacity and level of public services are further improved. Basically reverse the export deficit of publishing products and services, and significantly enhance the international communication and influence of Chinese culture. Basically form an industrial pattern with public ownership as the main body and the common development of various forms of ownership, and an open pattern with national culture as the leading factor and absorbing foreign beneficial culture for common prosperity. We have basically established a unified, open, competitive, orderly, healthy and prosperous modern publication market system, a people-oriented, grass-roots and public benefit publishing public service system, and a modern communication system with advanced technology, fast transmission and wide coverage

revision of regulations on March 19, the State Council announced the newly revised "Regulations on the administration of publication" and "Regulations on the administration of audio and video products". Subsequently, the regulations on the administration of the publication market, the measures for the administration of subscribers' ordering of imported publications, and the measures for the administration of the import of audio-visual products and other departmental regulations were also revised accordingly. At present, a publishing legal system with the constitution as the guide, three administrative regulations as the core, five departmental regulations and material science chapters as the support, and 251 normative documents as supporting documents has been basically established. These provide a strong institutional guarantee for the reform and development of the publishing industry

around the commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party, the 100th anniversary of the revolution of 1911, and the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the publishing industry has launched a large number of publications with distinctive themes, correct guidance, and good ideological, artistic, and readable. At the same time, the company said that 1397 key publishing projects representing the national level had been successfully completed. They record history, inherit civilization, serve readers, and meet social needs to a certain extent

newspaper reform on May 17, the opinions on deepening the system reform of non current affairs newspaper publishing units were issued, clarifying the road map, timetable and mission statement of the reform. It is expected that by the end of 2011, the first batch of non current affairs newspaper and periodical publishing units affiliated to the central government will be transformed into enterprises and restructured in place. On July 28, the basic regulations for the transformation of non current affairs newspaper and periodical publishing units in all units and departments of the central government were issued, which stipulated the work plan for the transformation of newspaper and periodical publishing units with legal personality into enterprises

public service up to now, 504400 rural houses have been built and the corresponding experimental results have been displayed, covering 84% of the administrative villages in the country. Among them, 8 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have achieved full coverage of rural bookstores. At the same time, the construction of urban and rural newspaper columns (screens) has been comprehensively promoted, new breakthroughs have been made in the construction of rural distribution points, and the 1.3 billion fund for the second phase of the Dongfeng project for minority publishing has been put in place. The five-year plan of the national reading project was released and implemented. It is the first time to carry out the selection of 50 popular books. The launch of the special action against infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sale of fake and shoddy commodities has purified the publication market environment, confiscated 52million illegal publications of all kinds, and investigated and dealt with 18352 cases of all kinds

On June 3, Shanghai Century Publishing Group and Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing Group announced their reorganization. On July 19, China Science and Technology Publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd. and China Science and Technology Publishing and Media Co., Ltd. were established. On October 20, the CSRC conditionally approved the backdoor listing plan of Changjiang publishing and media group. On November 30, Phoenix media went public. On December 2, Zhongyuan publishing media investment holding group Co., Ltd. was listed in Jiaozuo Xin'an Technology Co., Ltd. So far, more than 120 publishing enterprise groups have been established nationwide, 48 enterprise groups involved in publishing business have been listed, 27 publishing, printing, music and digital publishing bases have been established, and the regional publishing industry cluster has begun to take shape

On August 16, the General Administration of publication issued the "notice on Further Strengthening the management of the publication and distribution of teaching aids materials in primary and secondary schools", focusing on the treatment of scattered and indiscriminate materials, and the fight against theft and non-compliance. It proposed to standardize the publication and distribution of teaching aids to better meet the needs of product utilization from six aspects: publishing, printing and reproduction, distribution, quality, price, market, etc. In August and September, the local publishing management departments also conducted a comprehensive clean-up and inspection of the publishing, printing, reproduction and distribution of teaching aids in primary and secondary schools since 2010

International Exchange on January 25, the global Spring Festival joint exhibition of reading Chinese books in foreign languages, jointly organized by Shanghai Publishing Development Company and Lagardere company of France, opened at the virgin bookstore at Kennedy Airport in New York. This is the first time that Chinese foreign language books have held a large-scale joint exhibition in the world's mainstream bookstores. On September 29, Amazon China Bookstore was launched. China Bookstore has become one of the most prominent seven featured bookstores on the homepage of Amazon Book channel, and it is also the first theme Bookstore named after the country on Amazon station in history. On October 12 and 16, the 63rd Frankfurt International Book Fair was held. The Chinese exhibition group brought more than 4000 high-quality books to the book fair, realizing a total of 2424 copyright output and cooperation projects. On August 31 and September 4, the Beijing International Book Fair was held, and a total of 2953 Sino foreign copyright trade agreements were reached, an increase of 574 over last year

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