India tries to produce beer bottles with new pet m

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India tries to produce beer bottles with new pet mixture

it is reported that Indian beer brewers are testing a new kind of beer bottles produced with new pet mixture with the support of the above-mentioned relevant industrial policies. The single-layer beer bottles produced with this material are easier to be pasteurized. The manufacturer said that compared with glass, this material can save costs, and the key lies in whether the market accepts it

Chennai, India is also due to this. Most operators have begun to transform to thermoplastic rubber/plastic foaming materials. This resin manufactured by Futura polyester company is a mixture of PTN and pet, which has been tested by four brewers for beer filling and market trial sale

according to Futura's prediction, PET/PTN mixed beer bottles can occupy 15% of the Indian market with an annual consumption of 1billion beer bottles, partly because it provides better performance than traditional pet

according to Sanjay Ku lkarni, senior vice president of Futura polymer department, plastic beer bottles are more expensive than glass bottles in terms of single bottle. However, considering the low transportation cost and less problems of plastic bottles on the beer canning line, this mixed beer bottle is actually slightly cheaper

Kulkarni said that Indian brewers began to commercialize plastic bottles because PTN is a polyester material, which will not cause any problems for pet recyclers

the company said that in order to extend the shelf life, a self-developed deoxidizer can be added during the molding process. According to Futura, the PET/PTN mixture independently developed by Futura is used. Its ability to block carbon dioxide is 18 times better than that of ordinary PET materials, 3.5 times better than that of polyethlenetaphthalate (pen) materials, and its ability to isolate oxygen is 9 times better than that of pet and 2 times better than that of pen. The mixture used by the company contains 8% - 12% PTN

information source: China's food industry

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