India releases small active UHF RFID tags

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India releases small active UHF RFID tags

orizin technology company in Bangalore, India recently released a new active UHF RFID tag, which can be used to track assets from a long distance. The reading range of the new label is 20 meters (65.6 feet), and the size is 26mm 23mm 7.3mm (1 inch 0.9 inch 0.2b), which has increased the measurement function of the original licensed product; 8 inches)

orizin said that when the order quantity exceeds 5000, the unit price of the new label is $8. After 18 months of research and development, this small size, long reading distance, low price tag finally came to the market, and a telecom company in India has ensured its sensitivity and reliability for internal asset management

orizin also provided EP compliant medical equipment. Kalou, the project leader, pointed out in an interview: "Now our materials don't have enough strength C Gen2 standard passive UHF labels. Last year, Sakhi, a women's clothing store in Bangalore, used EPC labels on all clothes to improve safety and inventory processes.

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