India needs to invest 152.2 billion yuan to deploy

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India needs to invest 152.2 billion yuan to deploy 40gw roof solar energy in the next five years

in the next five years, India will need to invest 23billion US dollars (about 152.26 billion yuan) to achieve the goal of deploying 40 gigawatts of roof solar energy

according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (bnef), although the government intends to invest 175 GW of non hydropower renewable energy by 2022, the current capacity is only 60 GW

it is estimated that India will need to invest US $83billion (about RMB 5494.5 experimental force x value range: 20n x 10kN; billion yuan) to build 175 GW of renewable energy capacity

the solar capacity of the roof may even exceed 40 GW. Due to fierce competition and falling equipment prices, the electricity cost of rooftop solar energy has been cut by half in the past five years. You are welcome to inquire about specific technical issues At the same time, the average retail electricity price increased by 1/5, making the price of rooftop solar energy cheaper than commercial and industrial electricity prices

bnef predicts that the growth of rooftop solar energy will pick up rapidly after 2021 due to the continuous decline in early-stage expenditure and the shift from power users using equipment such as solar lamps to larger forms of power generation

shantanujaiswal, head of bnef India research department, said: "whether there is support from distribution companies to improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging, India's roof solar energy will undoubtedly grow."

note: "the exchange rate used in this paper is 1 US dollar =6.6199 yuan

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