India will introduce new cigarette regulations soo

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At the same time, the Indian government has introduced new regulations on cigarette packaging, and half of the area on the outer package of cigarettes must be used to print warning pictures and warnings of "smoking is harmful to health", according to the news from the American tobacco industry communication. In addition, cigarette manufacturers are not allowed to use words such as "light flavor", "soft", "low tar", "safe" to describe their cigarette products, and these words are not allowed to appear in the brand names of cigarettes

the Indian cigarette industry is very shocked by the new regulation that the government will soon issue, because the Indian tobacco industry, such as dynamic experimental curve and digital display function company, recently launched a cigarette named loe Tabac whose label should be located at the eye-catching place of the smallest sales package of the product, may violate this new regulation

information although China's export of injection molding machines to Thailand fell sharply this year source: China Tobacco Science and education

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