India relaxes jute packaging regulations

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India loosened jute packaging regulations

the federal government of India asked the Ministry of food to allow the use of polypropylene bags to package grain and candy, because the jute industry strike has entered the 34th day

the mandatory jute packaging specification was relaxed from February 5, after the federal cabinet of India held a meeting on January 27

20 trade unions refused to reconsider their demands, which caused Huang to focus on the potential market scope of hemp industry with a loss of 10billion rupees

after the strike began on January 5, the Indian government suspended the purchase of jute bags, an official of the Indian Federal Food Ministry said in Delhi

the Indian cabinet relaxed the mandatory jute packaging specification on January 27, due to the urgent demand for packaging imported wheat and domestic sweets

the government of West Bengal employs about 220000 workers and generates an annual income of about 40billion rupees. Due to the strike, they may go bankrupt, said the former president of Ijma

about 48 jute factories closed, which affected 120000 tons/month of jute goods. New entrepreneurs have set up non union factories in some member units of Ijma to pay workers less pendulum work quickly

Bangladesh has taken advantage of this situation in India and is seizing the overseas market share of the 1A multi-purpose sample with end tabs removed from the Indian ISO standard sample

factory owners pay workers an average of 230 rupees per day for work, while workers require an average of 261 rupees per day

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