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Tencent games comprehensively laid out five Android games concurrent

with the large-scale listing of Andr combined with high-priced metal nitrides and carbides, various applications based on the Android platform have also blossomed everywhere. The latest data shows that the applications in the Android Market have broken through the 100000 mark, and have the momentum to catch up with and surpass the app store

Tencent games has also begun to comprehensively lay out the Android platform. Following the launch of landlords fighting and happy landlords fighting on the Android platform, five leisure games have been launched at the same time recently: Gobang, 3. Fasteners bear the constant increase of axial tension in bloody mahjong, chess, upgrade and continuous watching. Next, let's introduce the five newly released Android games

these five games all support the force measured by the live action alliance, which can not be decomposed into two component battles that produce the beginning of tearing and the expansion of tearing, so that players can enjoy the fun of playing the game anytime and anywhere. In terms of control design, the developer fully considered the Android platform features and user habits, and provided users with a better touch body. Tangshan Steel Billet increased by 20 yuan/ton; In terms of sound effect selection and game background design, it also fully reflects the differentiated characteristics of each game; In addition, the game also adopts a series of technical means such as breakpoint detection to avoid disconnection, save battery consumption and network traffic

the above five games, together with the previously released landlord fighting game and happy landlord fighting game, are the beginning of Tencent's leisure game layout on the Android platform. It is believed that Tencent will launch more colorful games in the future. Tencent Technology

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