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A number of technology leaders have joined the opendaylight cooperation open source project

a number of technology leaders have joined this industry-leading open source network project to jointly promote the development of open source SDN technology

recently, the opendaylight project, an open source platform with the title of leader of the developer community and the support of the industry to promote the development of SDN and nfv, announced that Alcatel lucent enterprise communications (ALE) Global telecom and zenlayer join the opendaylight project to become Silver members, which will jointly promote the development of SDN and nfv open common platforms

in addition, vesko pehlivanov, vice president of technical service architecture and strategy of Credit Suisse, Shao, chief engineer of Tencent's Network Platform Department, wad light collector, invisibility cloak, etc., Johan gustawsson, network architect of teliasonera group, and Jon Beasley, chief architect of Thomson Reuters' technical service and interconnection Department joined the opendaylight inventory reduction group (Ag), Their participation will further strengthen the technical support ability of the project to the opendaylight developer community

Neela Jacques, executive director of opendaylight, said: in the network field, some large telecom operators initially invested a lot of money to support the development of open source technologies such as opendaylight. Now, we are seeing a new starting point. More and more enterprises are beginning to join the ranks and embrace open source SDN and nfv network technologies. Behind this, it will also mean a lot of demand for infrastructure. The participation of more and more enterprise members and consultant representatives also shows that the industry's demand for ODL and open source SDN technologies is increasingly diversified, and this trend will continue until 2016

about the new member of the project

ale, as the world's leading enterprise communication solution and service provider, with Alcatel lucent enterprise communication as the brand, can provide a full range of products from enterprise self construction to cloud deployment. Ale adheres to the core development concept of innovation and entrepreneurship. At present, ale has more than 2700 employees worldwide in more than 100 countries. The company is headquartered in Paris, France. Ale has a global support team composed of technical experts, professional service personnel and more than 2900 partners, serving more than 830000 enterprise customers worldwide. The voice communication, data networking and cloud solutions provided by ale can provide customized solutions and services for various global market segments and industries to meet the unique needs of enterprises of various sizes. Stephane robineau, executive vice president of ale network business unit, said: we are very excited to join the opendaylight community and give full play to our expertise in the field of enterprise network solutions. Today, it has also maintained a higher elastic modulus. The data consumption mode is undergoing great changes, and the agile software development method is also evolving rapidly. We are eager to make full use of the open source power through the opendaylight community to adapt to these changes

Global Telecom is a mobile network operator in the rapidly growing Asian and African markets, with a total of about 415million authorized users. Globegroup operates in Algeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In addition, globegroup Telecom also indirectly holds the equity of telecel Zimbabwe. Global Telecom holding is a member of the vimpelcom group, one of the largest mobile telecom operators in the world

zenlayer is a global SDN network and service provider, headquartered in Los Angeles, the United States. One of the most important standards for modeling products is that they will not peel off. It has branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. By connecting zenlayer's platform, enterprise customers can realize the real-time and on-demand deployment of network business, and manage global IT resources through a composite platform. Zenlayer has deployed more than 30 data centers around the world, which can be directly connected to more than 200 telecom operators around the world

about the new member of the Ag Advisory Group

Credit Suisse vesko pehlivanov: vesko joined Credit Suisse in July, 2010 and served as an Infrastructure Architect, responsible for network and network security strategies, as well as building a global production, non production and testing environment. In this position, he is also responsible for evaluating emerging technologies and companies in SDN, network virtualization, data center, cloud network and unified communication areas. In addition to working closely with Credit Suisse's engineering and operations team, vesko also acts as a technical consultant to support the business units of technology investment banking, equity research and prime investments

Thomson Reuters Jon Beasley: we are investigating the use of SDN controllers to help meet the operational challenges brought by the rapid mobility of global financial businesses. Improving the delivery time of network connection services has become an increasingly urgent demand in this field. We are excited to explore the potential of opendaylight and evaluate its functions. The Advisory Group provides us with a great opportunity to cooperate with the community and guide its development

teliasonera group Johan gustawsson: Johan gustawsson is a network architect from teliasonera group. Teliasonera group is a service provider headquartered in Stockholm. Through the multi brand strategy, the company has expanded its business in many countries and has the most comprehensive IP backbone network solutions in the world. Gustawsson specializes in SDN architecture design. His design direction covers many fields, including nfv environment. Gustawsson graduated from the Royal Institute of technology with an engineering degree. He is also a Cisco Certified Network Expert (CCIE)

Tencent Wade Shao: Tencent is committed to continuously enriching the user experience by providing comprehensive Internet services, and began to adopt the opendaylight platform more than a year ago. As a part of a healthy ecosystem, the platform has an elastic architecture and increasingly rich functions, and supports the southbound protocol for managing the pipes or equipment of other manufacturers. Its clear version evolution rhythm and good reputation in the open source community can ensure that we can continue to use the ODL platform and benefit from it. Tencent hopes to join hands with the SDN industry to create an open, healthy and practical ecosystem, launch a powerful and feature rich high-performance SDN controller platform, and provide users with better interconnection services

with the participation of Beasley, pehlivanov, gustawsson and wade Shao, the Advisory Group of opendaylight AG has up to 12 members

about opendaylight project

as a cooperative open source project, opendaylight aims to promote the rapid commercialization of SDN and nfv technologies and help the industry promote innovation and reduce risks through more transparent ways. The opendaylight community was founded by industry leaders and is fully open to the entire industry. At present, the community is developing a common open SDN architecture including code and blueprint

opendaylight is a cooperative project of the Linux foundation. The Linux foundation cooperation project is a software project supported by independent funds. It aims to promote industrial and ecosystem innovation through collaborative development

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