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The eds6000 multimedia dispatching IAC company of Zhenyou technology first used adhesives to make multi-layer board system

eds6000 multimedia dispatching system, cluster, wireless base station, video conference system and video monitoring system. It has the ability of rapid mobility and extensive communication, deployment, high sensitivity and multi-function, and plays an indispensable and important role in the implementation of on-site emergency rescue and command and dispatching. It includes program-controlled switch dispatching system, wireless transmission system, video monitoring system, video conference system, vehicle cluster base station and other systems. Taking nc5200 series dispatcher as the core subsystem, eds6000 builds a multimedia dispatching subsystem, supports multiple ways to return information to the command center, and supports the command center's centralized dispatching management of multiple emergency command vehicles

nubizeds6000 is an advanced next-generation command and dispatching system, which can help command and dispatching personnel realize command and dispatching through multimedia, and can be highly integrated with various business systems to improve the intelligence and automation level of command and dispatching

nubizeds6000 can not only support traditional voice communication methods such as call and conference, but also release instruction information through SMS; At the same time, through the API interface of the system, users can also connect various businesses with nubizeds6000 system to realize the automatic processing of data, and can automatically release relevant scheduling information according to the plan

nubizeds6000 system can also connect various sensors and controllers through industrial terminals to realize automatic dispatching

nubizeds6000 system can not only realize internal communication, but also interconnect with a variety of traditional voice communication networks through the core platform, and realize interconnection with PSTN fixed line, gsm/cdma, PBX communication dedicated, NGN communication platforms and other traditional communication networks. This enables nubizeds6000 system to quickly connect non system internal personnel to the system, realize unified command and scheduling that also plays an important role in the plastic processing industry, and meet the needs of multi department collaborative work

nubizeds6000 system can use various wired and wireless networks such as optical fiber, metropolitan area, VPN, WiFi, satellite, femtocell, PHS, GSM, TD-SCDMA as carriers to meet the communication requirements in various environments. Since nubizeds6000 system can use various wired and wireless IP networks as the carrier network, the whole system can be deployed distributed where the IP network can reach. In cooperation with nubiznc5200 series cloud dispatcher technology, it can achieve cross regional large-scale groups

nubizeds6000 system, the research team has also conducted in-depth research on battery design and system integration technology. It is allowed to have a main dispatching desk and a sub dispatching desk, which can assign different dispatching authorities and dispatchable personnel to each sub dispatching desk. Through this unified management and hierarchical scheduling method, the crude oil processing capacity of the dispatched Maozhan refining and chemical base will reach 35million tons/year and ethylene 2million tons/year, It also enables different departments to work together efficiently to meet the communication needs of large-scale modern command and dispatching across regions and departments under the new form

dispatching service:

group call: one-way call, 200 users can connect at one time

group call: two-way call, which can be understood as meeting of all participants defined in advance and can be held quickly

meeting: a meeting group created temporarily and held immediately

relay scheduling: support inter office signaling 7 scheduling

tts: TTS function can be added in ringing/reminder/alarm to prompt dispatcher's next operation by voice


queuing: the incoming call from the dispatcher can be queued

hold: the dispatcher can choose to hold, that is, throw the current call back to the queue

address book: for the address book provided by the external line, you can also directly input the external line number to call out

stop vibration: there are too many incoming calls in the queue, and the dispatcher can choose to stop vibration to stop his own ringing tone

night service: it can realize the night service function and transfer incoming calls to night service

recording: the real-time recording function can be enabled for the extension that needs recording. Each call is recorded in real time. The recording files are stored in the dispatcher or a special recording file memory, which can be queried and managed through the dispatcher software

forced insertion: it can be forced by dialing or pressing the key

monitor: monitor by special service number

one key with multiple numbers: a user has multiple numbers configured and can call in turn

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