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Go deep into the terminal to catch orders. Foton Lovol exports made a good start in the first quarter for polyurethane (PUR) and polyether urethane (PEU)

go deep into the terminal to catch orders. Foton Lovol exports made a good start in the first quarter. Introduction: in 2013, the global economic development slowed down, and the export competition of domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers intensified. Facing the cold winter, Foton Lovol heavy industry has done a lot of internal skills and achieved phased results on how to highlight difficulties and achieve growth development. In the first quarter of 2013, the export of Foton Lovol heavy engineering machinery products increased year on year

in 2013, the global economic development slowed down and the export competition of domestic machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises intensified. Facing the "cold winter", Foton Lovol heavy industry has done its best to highlight the difficulties and achieve growth development and achieved phased results. In the first quarter of 2013, the export of Foton Lovol heavy engineering machinery products increased by 8% year on year; The export proportion of large and medium-sized tractors of agricultural equipment products was higher than that of the industry as a whole, with a year-on-year increase of 10%

go global, go deep into terminals to catch orders

in the face of unprecedented fierce export competition, Foton Lovol heavy industry actively innovated its marketing model, implemented the "go global" strategy and strengthened market development. Foton Lovol heavy industry has formed a market investigation team composed of personnel at different levels to go to various strategic markets, emerging markets and blank markets around the world for investigation, and obtain more detailed and appropriate market development information through front-line marketing to improve channel quality

2012 lunar new year, when Chinese people were immersed in a strong festival atmosphere, the four business and service personnel of Foton Lovol heavy industry Libya office still insisted on the front line of sales and service, with computer automatic processing function and experimental curve display to investigate the terminal market, provide support for dealers and users in the post-war Libyan market, and promote the sales of the company's products in the Libyan market, Orders for 400 loaders have been successively obtained in January

recently, the overseas market investigation team conducted front-line Market Research in Ukraine to accumulate first-hand materials for formulating strategies and measures suitable for business development and promoting the in-depth development of the Ukrainian market. In the first quarter of this year, Lovol tractor exports increased by 8% year-on-year

it is understood that in 2013, Foton Lovol heavy industries organized many visits and investigation plans, covering all key markets around the world. In terms of the construction of offices and sales branches, Libya and other countries have realized the permanent presence of personnel, which has played an important role in the ordinary protection of the offices and branches for the film tensile testing machines of local culture, which is divided into daily protection and weekly protection. For the first time, China and Japan protection includes the functional roles in the clean implementation of machines, the review and understanding of ordinary functions, dealer management, market demand research, etc., instead of the traditional focus on receiving orders The trade mode of collection and delivery has been changed into a new trade mode that attaches importance to the whole value chain of agents, which has better improved the cooperation relationship with dealers, ensured the sustainable and healthy development of overseas business and promoted the upgrading of marketing network

focus on measures and improve sales through multiple approaches

in the face of sluggish market demand, Foton Lovol heavy industry actively opened up new channels to promote sales, while promoting business sales through existing channels through innovative service parts supply capacity. In order to support the whole machine sales business, the service and accessories business improves the operation ability of the service and accessories business through management mode adjustment, policy system optimization and service network hierarchical management, and cultivates the competitive advantage in the overseas market. On the one hand, it accelerates the information construction of overseas service parts, realizes the successful application of parts CRM system, promotes the bar code of parts to avoid quality problems, effectively shortens the process of ordering parts and the time of organizing shipping. At the same time, it builds a new parts warehouse abroad to promote the timely supply of parts and the improvement of parts business capacity, further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products, stabilize the overseas distribution network, and improve the sales contribution

in addition, Foton Lovol heavy industries also pays attention to the upgrading of internal personnel capabilities, further improves the organizational structure, functions and responsibilities, optimizes the allocation of organizational structures, personnel and other resources, improves business operation efficiency, combines product development and research with the market, and delegate terminal promotion functions to sales companies to improve the planning and implementation ability of terminal competitive promotion activities. Sales companies organize terminal sales promotion according to the actual business operation, and truly play the role of promotion in promoting sales. The export proportion of Lovol large and medium-sized tractors is higher than that of the industry as a whole, and the share is increased by 10% compared with last year

at the same time, the overseas business division of Foton Lovol heavy industries has formulated targeted incentive measures for business personnel, strengthened the awareness of marketing and competition, encouraged the enthusiasm of business personnel to develop the market, created a competitive atmosphere of "the competent, the mediocre", improved the enthusiasm of marketing, and a good competitive atmosphere has effectively guaranteed the healthy operation of export business

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