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On August 25, Chinatelecom, together with Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Huawei and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, jointly released a number of Tianyi music. It is worth noting that these can be connected with Chinatelecom's "iMusic" business platform, which integrates functions such as colorful ringtone, ringing, network audition, network download, music information, search, member services, etc

according to yangxiaowei, deputy general manager of Chinatelecom group, this move enables Chinatelecom to provide richer mobile Internet applications through in-depth customization of terminals. In this way, similar to Apple's iTunes model, in China, the iTunes model launched by Telecom as the information reporting center of Pingtan Steel Union has taken shape

when the terminal reaches a certain order of magnitude, the platform will become an integrator of the digital music industry chain. It is understood that the digital music platform of Telecom can realize unified and centralized management of music content copyright, transparent operation to copyright owners, one-point access of music content, full-automatic distribution, and multi terminal support of music services. Tianyi users can use the "one-stop" digital services through terminals, Internet terminals, IPTV TV terminals and other ways. If the accuracy reaches 1%, it is enough for word music services

Chinatelecom officials said that Chinatelecom hopes to establish and promote a unified music service brand through in-depth terminal customization, and provide users with services integrating new technologies, massive and genuine music resources

at present, Chinatelecom has established cooperative relations with dozens of record companies and copyright companies at home and abroad, and will negotiate with more partners on digital music

Chinatelecom said that in addition to providing the existing service content, "iMusic" will also follow the development direction of digital music, combine the network resource advantages of Chinatelecom, integrate with other business brands, and establish a unique digital music business model

"when the number of terminals becomes larger, if users are used to using music on this platform, it is equivalent to iTunes with Chinese characteristics." An industry insider said that in this way, operators directly cooperate with CP, and the SP of related businesses will suffer the most in the future

the Chinatelecom powering music terminal echoed its previous Tianyi campus enclosure. In order to attract young users, Chinatelecom has recently made great use of extremely favorable tariffs in Colleges and universities across the country to target 3G consumers at college students

yangxiaowei said that the digital music terminal jointly carried out by Chinatelecom for experimental machines and terminal manufacturers without any gear is aimed at the audience of young, energetic, enthusiastic and perceptual B. experimental force displayed on computer screen, cylinder displacement, loading rate and deformation experimental data. 21st Century Business Herald

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